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Top 5 Color Diamonds of 2014

The 2014 auction season has once again proved the ongoing appeal and increasing value of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.   These precious stones were the high point of every jewelry auction around the world and the bids were absolutely mind-boggling.

Here is a look at the Top 5 Color Diamonds sold at auction this year.

1.  The Zoe Diamond


Part of the Mrs. Paul Mellon collection that was auctioned off by Sotheby’s in November, the Zoe Diamond sold for more than double the pre-sale estimate at $35.8 million (CAD).  That price set a new record for the largest sale of any blue diamond in auction history as well as setting the highest per-carat price for any diamond sold in auction history.

2.  The Winston Blue


The world’s largest flawless vivid blue diamond headlined Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva in May and the results did not disappoint fans of rare jewels.  The blue stone, weighing in at 13.22 carats, sold for $26.4 million.  The sale was made to famed jeweller Harry Winston who renamed the diamond “The Winston Blue”.

3.  A Stunning 8.41-Carat Purple-Pink Diamond


The star of Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale in August was this 8.41-carat Fancy Purple Pink Diamond ring.   The pear-shaped stone sold significantly over the pre-auction estimate with the final bid reaching $19.8 million.

4.  A Pair of Fancy Vivid Blue and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ear Pendants


Designed by Bulgari, these amazing pendants feature a 6.95-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond and a 6.79-carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond.   They were part of Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction in November and sold for $18.6 million.

5.  The Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond


Rounding out the list was a massive cushion-cut, modified brilliant yellow diamond weighing in at 100.09 carats.   Selling for $17.8 million diamonds at Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in May, it set a new auction record for yellow diamonds.



Christie’s Million Dollar Magnificent Jewels

New York auction house Christie’s will be hosting their final jewelry auction of 2014 with their Magnificent Jewels auction on Wednesday, December 10.   Here’s a look at 5 color diamonds that are estimated to sell for over a million dollars at the sale.

1.  A Rare Colored Diamond & Diamond Ring


The largest color diamond of the sale, this ring features a massive 21.30-carat oval-cut Fancy Light pink diamond set within a single-cut diamond surround.   The high-end of the pre-auction estimate is set at a jaw-dropping $6.9 million (CAD)!

UPDATE:  The ring sold for just above the low end of the pre-auction estimate at $4.9 million

2.  A Spectacular Suite of Colored Diamond and Diamond Jewelrya_spectacular_suite_of_colored_diamond_and_diamond_jewelry_by_jahan_d5859607h-1

Designed by Middle East jeweler Jahan, this set includes a necklace, bracelet, ear pendants and a ring.   These stunning pieces include too many color diamonds to mention and are expected to sell for between $4 million and $5.7 million.

UPDATE:   Sold for $5.3 million

3.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


The lovely ring features a modified cut-cornered rectangular-cut Fancy blue diamond weighing in at 5.70 carats.  The stone is flanked by two tapered baguette-cut white diamonds.  Experts at the auction house have set the sale estimates at between $1.7 million and $2.9 million.

UPDATE:  Sold for $2.4 million

4.  A Rare Unmounted Colored Diamond


From the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, this stone is a rare red diamond weighing in at 1.42 carats.   The diamond, the third largest red diamond ever put up for auction, is a modified oval-cut fancy red and it is expected to sell for between $1.7 million and $2.9 million.

UPDATE:  Item sold for $2.5 million.

5.  An Important Colored Diamond Ring


This diamond ring’s centrepiece is a 14.28-carat marquise-cut fancy brownish pink diamond and mounted on white gold.   The pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for between $1.1 million and $2.3 million.

UPDATE:  Sold for $2.4 million

“Excuse Me Bartender, There Is A Diamond In My Drink”

Apparently diamonds aren’t just for wearing anymore.   Some bars and restaurants are using them to spice up their drinks.   From Tokyo to Connecticut, we take a sip (a very small sip!) of the Top 5 Most Expensive Cocktails (Featuring Diamonds) from around the world.

1.  Diamond Is Forever – $18,600


The most expensive cocktail on our list, this Diamond Is Forever martini is featured at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, Japan.   The drink features chilled Grey Goose vodka with fresh lime juice.   The stone is a “clear cut” 1-carat diamond resting at the bottom of the glass.   What puts the drink over the top is that a live band will play “Diamond Is Forever” as you enjoy your beverage.

2.  Martini On The Rock – $10,000


The Algonquin Hotel, the famed Midtown Manhattan bar that was originally home of the Algonquin Roundtable featuring Dorothy Parker, offers this five-figure martini.   Requiring 72-hours notice to order, the drink comes with a diamond along with a visit from the hotel’s resident jeweller.   The martini itself is styled after the drink from the James Bond books, vodka with a hint of gin and a French aperitif called Lillet.

3.  Diamond Is Forever – $10,000


The second of New York City’s $10,000 martinis, this one is offered at Uncorked and also requires 72-hours notice.   The buyer gets a simple Grey Goose vodka martini with fresh lime juice.   However, instead of just a diamond, the drink comes with a one-carat engagement ring and a consultation with restaurant owner and jewelry designer Andy Goetz.

4.  Diamond Cocktail – $4,350


Offered at the Sheraton Park Hotel in London, the drink is made with Charles Heidsieck Vintage Champagne, Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, Angostura bitters, and topped with a sugar cube.   The buyer of the drink can choose between either a diamond or a ruby to accent the cocktail.

5.  The Sapphire Martini – $3,000


Offered at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, this martini is made with Blue Curacao, Bombay Sapphire Gin and a splash of dry vermouth.   The glass is coated with blue sugar along the rim.   What makes the drink so expensive is that it comes with a pair of blue sapphire and diamond earrings with a sterling silver pick.




Salvador Dali…the Diamond Jewelry Designer?

Dali Persistence

Even the most casual art fan will probably recognize Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s greatest work, The Persistence of Memory.   But did you know he also dabbled into jewelry design?   We decided to take a look at four pieces of his jewelry that has been sold at auction over the last five years.


Heading to auction in November 2014, The “Swirling Sea Necklace” features 67 diamonds, 61 Sapphire beads, 61 emerald beads, 125 Oriental pearls and a large South Sea Pearl.   The diamonds weigh in at a total of  4.74 carats and the entire piece is set with 18 karat gold.


“The Eye of Time” brooch features rows of diamonds surrounding the “eye” with a blue enamel watch face set as the “eyeball”.   It was sold for $1.2 million (CAD) at auction in May 2014 by Sotheby’s as part of their Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale.


A pair of yellow gold ear clips, stylized to look like telephone receivers featuring brilliant-cut diamonds on both ends along with rubies and emeralds.   These pieces were sold at auction in November 2010 for $53,832.


The “Tree of Life” necklace features leaves made of gold along with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds spread throughout the piece.   The necklace was part of the Sotheby’s London Fine Jewels auction in December 2011 and sold for $52,004.

Throw me the diamond…I’ll throw you the whip!

If you fancy yourself an Indiana Jones-type adventurer,  you may want to head over to England as there are two separate diamond treasure hunts going on this month.

UK-based diamond store Beards Jewellers is set to launch The Great Diamond Rush, a treasure hunt for 10 different 0.40 carat white diamonds with all proceeds going to Maggie’s Cancer Centre.


The 10 diamonds have been hidden around Cheltenham, a small town located in southwest England with a population of 115,000.   Perspective hunters can purchase special edition treasure maps to help search for the diamonds for a cost of £10 (around $18 CAD).

The hunt will take place on the weekend of September 13-14.   Beards Jewellers expects all of the diamonds to be found that weekend thanks to specially denoted “Clue Makers”.   These people will be placed around the town and for an additional £5 (around $9 CAD) they will provide hunters additional clues to help find the diamonds.

The second England-based diamond hunt has been going on since the first week of August.  Jeweller 77 Diamonds launched a 1.14 carat diamond 100,000 feet into the air with the help of a helium balloon.   Thanks to the attached GPS tracker, it is known that the diamond landed somewhere near the small town of Gainsborough, in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England

Diamonds In The Sky

77 Diamonds has said that they will tweet once the diamond is found.   As of today’s date, the stone is still missing and available for anyone who finds it.  Can’t wait to see what diamond treasure hunt makes the news next!

UPDATE (Sept.16, 2014)

All ten diamonds from Beards Jewellers’ The Great Diamond Rush  were found over the weekend of September 13-14.   The even better news is that over $11,000 (CAD) were raised for Maggie’s Cancer Centre.   The best story regarding one on the found diamonds is that Scott Thompson used the stone to propose to his girlfriend Lucienne Simpson.   Beards Jewellers’ Managing Director Alex Rose, has offered to make their engagement ring himself from that diamond.

Meanwhile, over in the 77 Diamonds hunt in Gainsborough, the diamond launched into space in the first week of August has still not been found.

Ouroboro Diamonds Announces Release of Limited Edition Piece Called The “Oro”


The Oro 3The Oro 4

Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color announces the release of a limited edition Gold and Diamond Ingot called The “Oro”.   Custom designed and fabricated in Canada, only 200 of these collectible pieces are being made.

Individually numbered and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, The “Oro” is made up of one troy ounce of 24-karat (99.99% or .9999) pure yellow gold.   What makes The “Oro” special is that embedded within each is a round, brilliant-cut, D-color, Internally Flawless diamond of no less than 0.25 carats.    Each of the diamonds will be accompanied by certification from the Gemological Institute of America

“After an incredibly successful first eight months for our company, we are excited to branch into this new endeavor,” says President and Director of Ouroboro Diamonds, Neil G. Finney.

“The ‘Oro’ is a stunning collector’s piece that showcases the perfection of a diamond framed by luminous gold”

The “Oro” will be available directly from the website (www.oro-ingot.com) or by contacting Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color directly at 866-350-4646.

A True Diamond In The Rough


Golfer Sergio Garcia made some diamond news this past weekend at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

On the final day of the tournament, Garcia hit an errant tee shot on the third hole which sailed into the crowd.   The shot ended up hitting a woman in the hand and the force of the impact dislodged a diamond from her ring into the tall grass below her feet.


Garcia actually helped look for the diamond before having his caddy get her contact information so he could replace the stone if it wasn’t found.    The golfer also gave the woman an autographed ball for her troubles.


“Obviously, it didn’t feel very good,” Garcia said. “You never like to hit anybody, but if you hit someone and make her lose her diamond ring, it feels even worse.”

When asked about how his new fiancé would feel about him purchasing a diamond for another woman, Garcia said “I don’t know how Kathy would have felt about that”.

Luckily, after 20 minutes of searching, the diamond was indeed found and the spectator now has one of the best diamond stories ever.


Garcia ended up with a bogey on that hole and finished the tournament in second place, two strokes behind Rory McIlroy.