Throw me the diamond…I’ll throw you the whip!

If you fancy yourself an Indiana Jones-type adventurer,  you may want to head over to England as there are two separate diamond treasure hunts going on this month.

UK-based diamond store Beards Jewellers is set to launch The Great Diamond Rush, a treasure hunt for 10 different 0.40 carat white diamonds with all proceeds going to Maggie’s Cancer Centre.


The 10 diamonds have been hidden around Cheltenham, a small town located in southwest England with a population of 115,000.   Perspective hunters can purchase special edition treasure maps to help search for the diamonds for a cost of £10 (around $18 CAD).

The hunt will take place on the weekend of September 13-14.   Beards Jewellers expects all of the diamonds to be found that weekend thanks to specially denoted “Clue Makers”.   These people will be placed around the town and for an additional £5 (around $9 CAD) they will provide hunters additional clues to help find the diamonds.

The second England-based diamond hunt has been going on since the first week of August.  Jeweller 77 Diamonds launched a 1.14 carat diamond 100,000 feet into the air with the help of a helium balloon.   Thanks to the attached GPS tracker, it is known that the diamond landed somewhere near the small town of Gainsborough, in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England

Diamonds In The Sky

77 Diamonds has said that they will tweet once the diamond is found.   As of today’s date, the stone is still missing and available for anyone who finds it.  Can’t wait to see what diamond treasure hunt makes the news next!

UPDATE (Sept.16, 2014)

All ten diamonds from Beards Jewellers’ The Great Diamond Rush  were found over the weekend of September 13-14.   The even better news is that over $11,000 (CAD) were raised for Maggie’s Cancer Centre.   The best story regarding one on the found diamonds is that Scott Thompson used the stone to propose to his girlfriend Lucienne Simpson.   Beards Jewellers’ Managing Director Alex Rose, has offered to make their engagement ring himself from that diamond.

Meanwhile, over in the 77 Diamonds hunt in Gainsborough, the diamond launched into space in the first week of August has still not been found.


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