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Color Diamonds Light Up Christmas For Christie’s

The final major jewelry auction of 2015 is ready to go on December 10 by Christie’s in New York and some stunning color diamonds are set to go under the hammer.

1.  A Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


A massive 30.48-carat Fancy Vivid yellow diamond headlines this stunning ring and is flanked by tapered, baguette-cut white diamonds.   Pre-auction estimates for the ring have been set for between $1.4 and $1.8 million (USD).

2.  A Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


The diamond only weighs in at 3.74 carats but it is a stunning Fancy Vivid purplish pink set with  tapered baguette-cut white diamond on either side.   The piece is expected to sell for between $1.3 and $1.5 million.

3.  A Diamond and Coloured Diamond Pendant Necklace


The only necklace on our list, the piece features an 18.88-carat modified heart-shaped white diamond, with a circular-cut pink diamond and white diamond surround, as well as a pear and circular-cut diamond surmount to the fine link chain, enhanced by two circular-cut diamonds.   This fantastically intricate piece is expected to sell for between $1.25 and $1.75 million.

4.  A Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


The star of this piece is a pear brilliant-cut fancy gray-blue diamond, weighing in at 19.97 carats, trimmed with circular-cut diamonds and set within an undulating tapered baguette-cut diamond surround.   This final ring on our list has a pre-auction estimate of between $1 and $1.5 million.

5.  A Pair of Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ear Pendants


The high-end estimate for this piece is $1 million, not surprising considering the earrings feature a Fancy yellow pear brilliant and a pear modified brilliant-cut yellow diamond, weighing 15.10 and 14.86 carats respectively.




The Second Largest Diamond Ever Found


Canadian-based Lucara Diamond Corporation have announced the finding of the second-largest diamond in history.

This tennis ball-sized white diamond weighs in at a jaw-dropping 1,111 carats!   The stone, described as gem-quality with a type IIa grade, was found in the company’s Karowe Mine in Botswana on Monday.

The stone ranks only behind the Cullinan Diamond in terms of carat size.   When the Cullinan Diamond was recovered in 1905, it weighed in at an astronomic 3,106 carats.   The diamond was later cut into 9 major stones and another 96 smaller stones.

Lucara followed up that news with an announcement on the finding of two other hefty white diamonds.   The first, weighing in at 813 carats, is considered to be the sixth largest diamond ever recovered.   The other stone found weighed in at 374 carats.

“I am truly at a loss for words. This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined. We are truly blessed by this amazing asset.”

-William Lamb, president and CEO of Lucara

A 336-Carat Diamond Headlines Latest Lucara Find


Mining and development company Lucara Diamond outlined their latest diamond finds on Monday, August 17 and it was highlighted by a spectacular 336-carat diamond, type IIa white diamond.

Four other significant diamonds were also found including white ones weighing in at 184 carats, 94 carats and 86 carats.   A 12-carat pale pink diamond was also recovered but the official color will be confirmed once Lucara’s experts finish cleaning it.

The fabulous stones were mined from the Karowe Diamond location in Botswana.   Lucara, who owns 100% of that mine, have recovered 216 diamonds from that location that have sold for at least $250,000.   Of those diamonds, 12 of them have sold for more than $5 million!

Aside from the Karowe Diamond mine, Lucara also holds a 75% interest in the Mothae Project in Lesotho.   As per the company’s website, they have completed the trial mining stage at Mothae. The location was put on care and maintenance while Lucara investigates further development options.

Color Diamonds To Light Up April Auction

Sotheby’s Hong Kong is holding their Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite auction on April 6 and some color diamonds are expected sell in the multi-million dollar range.   Here is a look at the most prominent five set to go under the hammer.

1.  Impressive Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring/Pendant


A massive 77.77-carat cushion cut Fancy Vivid yellow diamond flanked by two heart-shaped white diamonds weighing in at 5.0 carats.   The piece is expected to sell for as much as $9.6 million (CAD).

2.  Rare and Exquisite Pair of Fancy Intense Purple-Pink Diamond, Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink Diamond and Diamond Pendent Earrings


Expected to sell for between $7.7 and $8.8 million, one earring is centred by a 4.01-carat Fancy Intense purple-pink diamond while the other has a Fancy Intense purplish-pink diamond weighing in at 3.72 carats.   The pieces also feature an inverted heart-shaped Fancy purplish-pink and Fancy Intense pink diamond weighing 0.63 and 0.55 carat respectively, and have a step-cut diamond background altogether weighing 5.05 carats.

3.  Very Rare Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring


Created by New York City-based jeweller Carvin French, this ring features a Fancy Vivid pink diamond weighing in at 4.57 carats and surrounded by 5.85-carats of pear-shaped white diamonds.  The ring is expected to sell for between $7.7 and $8.8 million.

4.  Impressive Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring


A two-diamond setting featuring a 30.13-carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense yellow diamond and a cushion-cut white diamond weighing in at 25.13 carats.   The ring is expected to sell for between $4.5 and $5.3 million.

5.  Fine Fancy Intense Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring


The final piece from the color diamond lots expected to sell in the millions is this ring centred by a 2.13-carat Fancy Intense blue diamond.   The main stone is framed by circular-cut pink diamonds and has an outer surround with heart-shaped and pear-shaped white diamonds.   These pink and white diamonds combine to weigh in at 3.65 carats.   The ring has an estimate of between $1.4 and $1.6 million.

The First Big Jewelry Auction of 2015

The winter doldrums are still surrounding us, but the bright lights of color diamonds is beginning with the Sotheby’s Important Jewels Auction on Thursday, February 5 in New York City.

We take a look at the Top 5 color diamond pieces set to go under the hammer in the first large-scale jewelry auction of 2015.

1.  Platinum, Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace


The centrepiece features a hefty 5.07-carat pear shaped Fancy Orangy-Pink diamond.   The stone is set on a platinum necklace set with round diamonds.  The necklace is expected to sell for as much as $500,000 (CAD).

2.  Platinum, 18K Gold, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring


Expected to sell for between $231,000 and 347,000, the main stone of this 18k gold diamond ring is a modified brilliant cut Fancy Intense Yellow diamond weighing in at 10.02 carats.   The stone is flanked by two trapeze-cut diamonds weighing 2.00 carats.

3.  18 Karat Gold and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring


A pear-shaped Fancy Intense Yellow diamond weighing 6.35 carats and flanked by 1.50 carats of pear-shaped white diamonds.  Industry experts expect the piece to sell for between $173,000 and $289,000.

4.  Pair of 18 Karat Gold and Colored Diamond Earstuds


The only earrings on the list, these feature cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut yellow diamonds weighing 5.10 and 5.00 carats.  The pieces are expected to sell for between $173,000 and $231,000.

5.  Platinum, 18 Karat Gold, Fancy Light Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendant-Necklace


A heart-shaped 10.76-carat Fancy Light Yellow Diamond is the focal point of the piece with a platinum and 18-karat gold chain set with round diamonds.   The estimates have the necklace selling for between $144,000 and $173,000.

Yellow Diamonds Set To Blaze At Bonham’s Auction




In one of the final Magnificent Jewelry auctions of 2014, Bonham’s of London will have some beautiful yellow gems up for sale on Thursday, December 4.   Here’s a look at the 5 most impressive ones on the docket.

1.  A Fancy-Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


Designed by Cartier, this ring features a 6.03-carat cushion-shaped Fancy Intense yellow diamond with graduated rows of baguette-cut white diamonds, within a border of pavé-set brilliant-cut white diamonds.   The ring is expected to sell for between $140 and $180,000 (CAD).

UPDATE:  Did not sell

2.  A Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring



Mounted by famed British jewelry designer Theo Fennell, this ring features a 5.00-carat radiant-cut Fancy Light yellow diamond with white diamond shoulders.   The piece is expected to sell for between $45,000 and $62,000.

UPDATE:  Did not sell

3.  A Fancy-Coloured Diamond Single-Stone Ring


A stunning Fancy Deep Yellow diamond ring with the stone weighing in at 5.05 carats.   Pre-auction estimates have it selling for between $45,000 and $54,000.

UPDATE:  Sold for $58,103.

4.  An Unmounted Fancy-Coloured Diamond


The largest loose colour stone scheduled to go under the hammer is this 6.35-carat Fancy Intense Yellow Brown diamond.   The marquise-cut stone is estimated to sell for between $45,000 and $54,000.

UPDATE:  The stone sold for $64,707.

5.  A Fancy-Coloured Diamond Single Stone Ring


Possibly the best “deal” on this list, this ring features a modern cushion-shaped Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow diamond weighing in at 7.50 carats.   The stone is set between scrolling old brilliant and single-cut diamond shoulders.   Industry experts set the low-end estimate at $32,000.

UPDATE:  Did not sell



The Color Diamonds of Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

Sotheby’s of Geneva will be holding their Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels auction on Wednesday, November 12 and, once again, colour diamonds will be front and center.

We take a look at the top 5 colour diamond pieces including a brilliant blue, some amazing yellows and a couple of stunning pinks.   All five should sell for at least a million dollars apiece.

1.  A Rare Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring



Estimated to sell for as much as $3.3 million (CAD), this beautiful Cushion-Shaped Fancy Intense Blue diamond weighs in at 3.16 carats.

2.  Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring


Another amazing color diamond ring, this one features a 4.53-carat Oval-Modified Brilliant Cut Purplish-Pink stone.   Industry experts believe it will sell for between $1.3 and $1.8 million!

3.  An Impressive Fancy Yellow Diamond Pendant


From the Swiss jewelry company Gubelin, this pendant features a massive 55.19-carat Fancy Yellow diamond.   This piece could be the steal of the auction as estimates have it selling  between only $1.1 and $2.2 million!

4.  A Rare and Impressive Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring


Graff Diamonds biggest entry in the world of color diamonds at the auction is this Step-Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 10.30 carats.  Estimates have it selling between $1 and $1.7 million.

5.  Attractive Light Pink Diamond Ring


A Pear-Shaped Light Pink Diamond featuring white diamond shoulders is the final entry on the list.   The low-end estimate for the piece is $783,000 though, considering the rarity of pink diamonds, the sale price will probably end up closer to the top-end of the estimate $1.6 million.