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A Possible Record-Breaking Diamond


A 12.03-carat Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue diamond could become a record-breaking stone come this November as it goes to auction by Sotheby’s.

The “Blue Moon Diamond”, named for its once-in-a-blue-moon kind of rarity is expected to sell for between $35 and $55 million at their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva.

The original stone was recovered by Petra Diamonds at the Cullinan mine in South Africa in January 2014.

blue rough

In it’s original state, it weighed in at 29.62-carats and was quickly sold for $25.6 million to Cora International.   The New York-based firm then spent the next 6 months cutting and polishing the fabulous blue stone to its current form.

If the Blue Moon Diamond does end up selling for more than $32.6 million, it will break the record currently held by the 9.75-carat Zoe Diamond as the most expensive blue diamond ever sold.  If it sells for more than $46.2 million, it will set the record for the most expensive diamond of any kind sold at auction.


Top 5 Color Diamonds of 2014

The 2014 auction season has once again proved the ongoing appeal and increasing value of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.   These precious stones were the high point of every jewelry auction around the world and the bids were absolutely mind-boggling.

Here is a look at the Top 5 Color Diamonds sold at auction this year.

1.  The Zoe Diamond


Part of the Mrs. Paul Mellon collection that was auctioned off by Sotheby’s in November, the Zoe Diamond sold for more than double the pre-sale estimate at $35.8 million (CAD).  That price set a new record for the largest sale of any blue diamond in auction history as well as setting the highest per-carat price for any diamond sold in auction history.

2.  The Winston Blue


The world’s largest flawless vivid blue diamond headlined Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva in May and the results did not disappoint fans of rare jewels.  The blue stone, weighing in at 13.22 carats, sold for $26.4 million.  The sale was made to famed jeweller Harry Winston who renamed the diamond “The Winston Blue”.

3.  A Stunning 8.41-Carat Purple-Pink Diamond


The star of Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale in August was this 8.41-carat Fancy Purple Pink Diamond ring.   The pear-shaped stone sold significantly over the pre-auction estimate with the final bid reaching $19.8 million.

4.  A Pair of Fancy Vivid Blue and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ear Pendants


Designed by Bulgari, these amazing pendants feature a 6.95-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond and a 6.79-carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond.   They were part of Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction in November and sold for $18.6 million.

5.  The Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond


Rounding out the list was a massive cushion-cut, modified brilliant yellow diamond weighing in at 100.09 carats.   Selling for $17.8 million diamonds at Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in May, it set a new auction record for yellow diamonds.


Opening The Mellon Collection

Sotheby’s highlights the auction world this week with two separate sales from the collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon.  Paul Mellon, a famed philanthropist and horse breeder, passed away in 1999.   His wife Bunny Mellon, well known in the horticultural world as having designed the White House Rose Garden, passed away in March 2014.

The fine art, furniture and silver from the Mellon residence will be part of a Sotheby’s auction that begins on Friday, November 21.   The jewelry owned by Mrs. Mellon will be part of an auction that begins on Thursday, November 20.   We decided to take a look at the Top 5 Color Diamond jewels that will be part of the sale.

1.  A Magnificent and Rare Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond


The prime jewel of the auction, this pear-shaped Fancy Vivid blue diamond weighs in at a staggering 9.75 carats.   The pre-auction sale estimates are ranging anywhere from between $10 and $16 million (CAD).

UPDATE:  This stone, now named The Zoe Diamond, become a true record-breaker, selling for more than double the high-end estimate at $35.8 million.   This amount set records for highest sale price for a blue diamond at auction as well as the most paid per-carat for a diamond of any kind at auction.

2.  An Exquisite Gold and Diamond Riviera by Cartier


111.0 carats of old European-cut white diamonds make up the bulk of this Cartier necklace but the highlight is a Fancy Deep Yellow diamond weighing 4.20 carats.   The piece is expected to sell for between $1.4 and $1.7 million.

UPDATE:  Another piece that sold for more than double the high-end estimate, this necklace went for $3.1 million.

3.   An Important Fancy Blue Diamond Pendant


The second of two impressive blue diamonds, this pendant featuring a 9.15-carat Fancy Blue diamond mounted on platinum has a low end estimate of $1.1 million.

UPDATE:  Another blue diamond that more than doubled the high-end estimate, this sold for $3.3 million.

4.  An 18 Karat Gold, Platinum, Fancy Yellow Diamond & Diamond Bracelet


A stunning bracelet featuring 12 old European-cut yellow diamonds alternating with 12 old European-cut white diamonds.   The stones total approximately 28 carats and is expected to sell for between $137,000 and $192,000.

UPDATE:  The only piece on our list to not at least double the estimate, this bracelet sold for a mere $163,000.

5.  A Platinum, Colored Diamond, Diamond and Diamond Simulant Brooch


A bunny-shaped brooch highlighted by a .50-carat round orangey-brown diamond, a .69-carat Fancy Intense Blue diamond and a .62-carat Light Pink diamond.   The wholly original piece is expected to sell for between $16,000 and $22,000.

UPDATE:  Apparently someone really likes bunnies as this brooch sold for almost 4 times the high-end estimate at $85,8700.