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A “Big Hole” For Sale


The big news in the diamond world this week is that De Beers is looking to sell the famed Kimberley Mine in South Africa.

The mine, also referred to as “The Big Hole”, is one of the most famous diamond mines in the world.  The jaw-dropping measurements of the hole is that it has a circumference of 1.6 kilometers,  a surface area of 42 acres and is 214 meters deep!   Diamonds were first mined there in 1871 and over its first 40 years of existence, over 2700 kilograms of the rare stones were excavated.

BN-ID390_KIMBER_J_20150428164355Once above-ground diamond mining proved to be unsafe at that location, De Beers continued to mine the underground kimberlite pipes for their diamonds.   In 2006, De Beers stopped all mining operations at the pit and started going through all the rock that had been previously excavated to find any diamonds that may have been missed.   This previously recovered material also called “tailings” have proved to be quick lucrative for De Beers.  In 2014 alone, they was able to uncover 722,000 carats of diamonds.

De Beers is looking to sell the mine quickly with interested parties needing to confirm their expressions of interest by May 29, 2014.   They hope to have the entire sale completed within a couple of months.

The current timeline for the mine is that it can remain open until 2018 with the chance of the new buyer being able to extend its life until 2030.   The on-site museum and tourist attractions owned by De Beers are not expected to be part of any possible deal.


Sparking Diamonds in Geneva

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction is set for Geneva on Wednesday, May 13 and a number of sparking diamonds are expected to sell at high prices.

A Magnificent Coloured Diamond Ring


A ring centred by a 5.18-carat Fancy Vivid pink rectangular cut diamond within an oval-shaped white diamond surround.   The piece is mounted in gold and is expected to sell for between $12.3 and $16.2 million.

A Coloured Diamond Ring


An old world style of jewelry, this ring is set with a Fancy purplish-pink rectangular-cut diamond weighing in at 7.47 carats with a pave-set coloured diamond frame.   Industry experts believe the piece will sell for between $2.6 and $3.9 million.

A Magnificent Coloured Diamond and Natural Pear Necklace, by Cartier


Designed by famed jeweler Cartier,  the piece features three graduated rows of natural pink pearls.   The focal point of the piece is a pear-shaped Fancy brown-pink 11.76-carat diamond suspended from a brilliant-cut Fancy Light blue 1.02-carat diamond.  The piece is expected to sell for between $2.6 and $3.2 million.

An Important Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


Set to sell for between $1.7 and $2.3 million, this gold-set diamond ring features a 17.05-carat Fancy Vivid yellow cushion-shaped diamond and pave-set white diamond shoulders.

A Coloured Diamond Ring, by Leviev


World-renowned jeweler Leviev designed this stunning ring features a 7.13-carat Fancy Vivid yellow pear-shaped diamond and tapered baguette-cut white diamond shoulders.   The piece is expected to sell for between $1.2 and $1.6 million.

A Historic Pink Diamond Leads The Way Tuesday

Sotheby’s Geneva will be holding their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels on Tuesday, May 12 and a lot featuring a “historic” pink diamond is grabbing all the headlines.


The reason the word historic is being used for this fabulous pink diamond ring is that it is believed to have been owned by Napoleon Bonaparte’s niece, Princess Mathilde.

The piece features a cushion brilliant-cut Fancy Vivid pink diamond weighing in at 8.72-carats and is flanked by two cushion brilliant-cut white diamonds with a weight of 1.09 and 1.12 carats respectively.  The ring is expected to sell for between $17.5 and $22.5 million (CAD).

The auction will also feature a trio of yellow stones that are sure to catch the eye of color diamond buyers.

Impressive Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


A massive 53.17-carat cushion-shaped Fancy yellow diamond  is the centrepiece of this diamond ring expected to sell for between $2 and $2.7 million.

Unmounted Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond


A stunning step-cut Fancy Vivid yellow diamond weighs in at 3.03-carats and is expected to sell for well over $200,000.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring


Possibly the steal of the auction as industry experts have this diamond ring selling for as low as $126,000.   The details on this piece is that it is millegrain-set with an oval-shaped Fancy Vivid yellow diamond with a weight of 5.00 carats.