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November Rain of Color Diamonds

British auction house Bonhams ends the month of November with the Rare Jewels & Jadeite sale taking place in Hong Kong.   Here is a look at the most impressive color diamond pieces that make up this impressive sale.

An Important Fancy Coloured Diamond Pendantimage.jpeg

A stunning piece of jewelry highlighted by a pear-shaped Fancy Light purplish-pink diamond weighing in at 9.21 carats.   The stone hands suspended from a chain necklace featuring both brilliant-cut purplish-pink tinted diamonds as well as brilliant cut white diamonds.   The pendant is expected to sell for between $2.1 and $2.6 million (CAD).

A Fine Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


Designed by famed jeweler Harry Winston, this ring features a 1.11-carat Fancy Vivid purplish pink diamond with a pear-shaped white diamond on either side.   Pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for as low as $770,000, however, considering recent sale prices of fancy color diamonds, the amount will more likely be over a million dollars.


A Rare Pair of Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Earrings


These stunning earrings with a floral arrangement are centered by a 2.87-carat radiant-cut Fancy Vivid yellowish orange diamond and a 2.53-carat radiant-cut Fancy Vivid yellow orange diamond respectively.   Each earring than has a petal-shaped arrangement of brilliant-cut white diamonds.   This wholly original piece is expected to sell for between $480,000 and $650,000.


A Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


A stunning ring highlighted by a massive 23.46-carat cushion-shaped Fancy yellow-brown diamond set between pear-shaped white diamond shoulders.   Pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for between $430,000 and $600,000.

An Attractive Coloured Diamond Bracelet


The only bracelet on our list, this piece features a tapering line of 42 radiant-cut, yellow tinted diamonds weighing in at 20.00 carats in total.  The expected sale price is between $150,000 and $210,000.



A Stunning Yellow Diamond Headlines Important Jewels Auction

Christie’s kicks off the fall auction season with the Important Jewels sale October 20 in New York City.   Here’s a look at the Top 5 Color Diamonds from the sale.

  1.  A Magnificent Colored Diamond


We wrote about this piece in length in a blog post written last month.   Put simply, this stone is a 75.56-carat Fancy Vivid yellow diamond and is expected to sell for between $3 and $4 million (USD).

2.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace


The focal point of the only necklace to make our list is a 36.23-carat pear-shaped brilliant-cut fancy brownish yellow diamond.   The stone features a white diamond surround and is suspended with a fine-link neck chain featuring a heart-shaped diamond and two circular-cut diamonds.   The piece is expected to sell for between $350,000 and $450,000.

3.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


A cut-cornered rectangular step-cut Fancy Dark yellow-brown diamond weighing in at 23.30 carats is the highlight of this stunning ring.   This main stone is flanked by a pair of trapezoid-cut white diamonds.  Pre-auction estimates for the ring have been set at between $250,000 and $300,000.

4.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


This amazing ring features a main stone that is a pear-shaped modified brilliant-cut Fancy Intense yellowish green diamond.   The diamond, which weighs in at 7.11 carats also features a circular-cut pink diamond surround.   The estimate for the ring is between $250,000 and $350,000.

5.  An Important Colored Diamond Line Bracelet


The only bracelet to make our list, this piece was designed by famed jeweler Tiffany & Co.   The piece is set with 22 square-cut yellow diamonds, weighing between 2.01 and 2.14 carats each.   The pre-auction estimate for the bracelet has been set between $200,000 and $300,000.

Christie’s Million Dollar Magnificent Jewels

New York auction house Christie’s will be hosting their final jewelry auction of 2014 with their Magnificent Jewels auction on Wednesday, December 10.   Here’s a look at 5 color diamonds that are estimated to sell for over a million dollars at the sale.

1.  A Rare Colored Diamond & Diamond Ring


The largest color diamond of the sale, this ring features a massive 21.30-carat oval-cut Fancy Light pink diamond set within a single-cut diamond surround.   The high-end of the pre-auction estimate is set at a jaw-dropping $6.9 million (CAD)!

UPDATE:  The ring sold for just above the low end of the pre-auction estimate at $4.9 million

2.  A Spectacular Suite of Colored Diamond and Diamond Jewelrya_spectacular_suite_of_colored_diamond_and_diamond_jewelry_by_jahan_d5859607h-1

Designed by Middle East jeweler Jahan, this set includes a necklace, bracelet, ear pendants and a ring.   These stunning pieces include too many color diamonds to mention and are expected to sell for between $4 million and $5.7 million.

UPDATE:   Sold for $5.3 million

3.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


The lovely ring features a modified cut-cornered rectangular-cut Fancy blue diamond weighing in at 5.70 carats.  The stone is flanked by two tapered baguette-cut white diamonds.  Experts at the auction house have set the sale estimates at between $1.7 million and $2.9 million.

UPDATE:  Sold for $2.4 million

4.  A Rare Unmounted Colored Diamond


From the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, this stone is a rare red diamond weighing in at 1.42 carats.   The diamond, the third largest red diamond ever put up for auction, is a modified oval-cut fancy red and it is expected to sell for between $1.7 million and $2.9 million.

UPDATE:  Item sold for $2.5 million.

5.  An Important Colored Diamond Ring


This diamond ring’s centrepiece is a 14.28-carat marquise-cut fancy brownish pink diamond and mounted on white gold.   The pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for between $1.1 million and $2.3 million.

UPDATE:  Sold for $2.4 million

The Largest Color Diamond Ever Put Up For Auction In Canada


Toronto-based auction house Ritchies is hosting their Prestige Auction this weekend and will be highlighted by the sale of the largest color diamond ever to go under the hammer in Canadian history.


The rectangular radiant-cut yellow diamond weighs in at a hefty 30.12 carats.   Ritchies has not listed what the estimated sale price could be, however, it is expected to be in the muti-million dollar range.

Other color diamonds to be featured in the auction include:

Very Important Heart Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring


Estimated to sell for half a million dollars, this ring is centred by an 18.06-carat Fancy Intense yellow Heart-Shaped diamond.   The setting for the piece is made of 18 karat gold and platinum.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


A Fancy Yellow diamond ring weighing in at 3.03 carats with a diamond surround featuring 1 carat of brilliant-cut white diamonds.   Estimates have the piece selling for as high as $75,000.

Color Diamond Bracelet


An 18 karat gold bracelet featuring 26.46 carats of brown, yellow and white diamonds.   Industry experts believe this piece will end up selling for between $30,000 and $35,000.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Estimated to sell for $25,000 – $30,000, this piece features a 4.43-carat Cushion-Cut Fancy yellow diamond as the centrepiece.   The 18 karat white gold ring is fully adorned with an additional carat of small white diamonds.

Another Massive Color Diamond Sale For Christie’s


Famed auction house Christie’s New York held their Important Jewels auction on Tuesday and total sales reached over $27.5 million (USD).  The auction was headlined by a rare Vivid Pink diamond weighing in at 5.50 carats.

The oval-shaped pink stone represented a third of the total sales for the days’ auction as the winning bid was $9.8 million.   It was the third impressive colour diamond Christie’s has put up for auction this Spring after the Winston Blue and The Ocean Dream.   Total sales for the three diamonds reached $42 million.

Some of the other colour diamonds that went under the hammer during Tuesday’s auction included the following:


A Rectangular-Cut Fancy Light pink diamond ring weighing in at 5.91 carats sold for $1.8 million.   The sale was a far cry from the pre-auction estimates which ranged between $575,000 and $675,000.


A stunning necklace featuring 81 Modified-Cut yellow diamonds ranging from light yellow to fancy yellow in color and 0.31 to 4.45 carats in weight sold for $293,000.


Swiss-based jeweller Chopard designed this diamond bracelet featuring 33 Modified Cut-Cornered Rectangular-Cut yellow diamonds.   The diamonds themselves range in colour from Fancy Yellow to Fancy Intense Yellow and weigh between 1.01 and 1.51 carats.   The piece sold for $269,000, well above the high-end estimate of $200,000.


This color diamond ring by Tiffany & Company featuring a 7.11-carat Fancy yellow stone in the centre sold for a surprising $118,750.   Industry experts assumed the piece would sell for between $60,000 to $80,000.

Rahaminov Diamonds Wins “Design Challenge” Award From JCK Magazine

On June 1, California-based jeweller Rahaminov Diamonds won the 5th annual “Design Challenge” award at JCK’s Platinum Innovation Awards.  Taking a look at the showcase pieces Rahaminov featured on the way to winning the award, you can see why they won.

1.   The Vibrant Bloom



This jaw-dropping ring features 8 GIA-certified color diamonds weighing in at a total of  3.21 carats.   The diamonds include two Fancy Pink, two Fancy Intense Blue-Green, one Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink, a Fancy Intense yellow-orange, a Fancy Vivid yellow-orange and a Fancy Vivid Yellow.

2.  Golden Majesty


An awe-inspiring 40.23 carat Fancy yellow diamond ring set on platinum and 18 karat yellow gold.

3.  The Fancy Pink

Photo © Erika Winters - Rahaminov Diamonds 7-carat pink diamond ring

photo courtesy of Erika Winters

A lovely 7.09 carat Fancy pink radiant-cut diamond ring.

4.  The One Hundred


This bracelet is aptly named The One Hundred as it features 100 Fancy color diamonds and weighs in at 100 carats.

5.  The Pink and Green


A 2.05 carat Fancy Yellow-Green Cushion-Cut diamond ring featuring a pink melee.

6.  The Vivid Ocean


A Fancy Vivid Bluish-Green Radiant-Cut diamond ring.