Historic Victory Diamond Highlights Sotheby’s Auction


Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels next month has a number of stones that are sure to sell in the millions.   For history buffs, the first on that list is the stunning Victory Diamond.

The Victory Diamond was the largest of 30 diamonds cut out of the rough the 770-carat Woyie River diamond.   Found in Sierra Leone in 1945, the lozenge-shaped Woyie River diamond was the the third largest diamond ever found in Africa.

Named in honour of the Allied victory during World War II, the Victory Diamond is a potentially flawless, type IIa, step-cut 31.35 carat stone that should sell at the auction for between $5 and $8 million.

Also expecting to make headlines at the same auction is a couple of diamonds from the London-based jeweller Graff Diamonds. The first is the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond.   Weighing in at 100.09 carats, it is considered the largest fancy vivid yellow diamonds ever recovered.   The diamond, described as “daffodil yellow” in colour has a hefty auction pre-sale estimate at between $15 and $25 million.   However, with the value of colour diamonds continuing to increase, some of our in-house experts believe that estimate could be a little conservative.

The other major diamond to go under the hammer from Graff is a 103.46 carat, brilliant-cut, round stone.   Many experts consider the gem to be one of the largest known round diamonds. The stone is expected to sell at auction for between $3.5 to 5 million.



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