For $25 Million You Can Enter “The Blue”

The Blue

The world’s largest polished Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond goes up for auction next month and the selling price is expected to be a whopping $25 million.

The exact history of this 13.22 carat blue diamond called “The Blue” is not known.   Like a lot of the world’s blue diamonds, it is assumed that this was found somewhere in South Africa but details such as where and when the stone was recovered have yet to be confirmed.   Christie’s, the auction house in charge of the sale, will only say that the diamond had been in the previous owner’s possession “for a long time”.

Blue diamonds get their spectacular colour due to the presence of the chemical element boron.   Put simply, boron has similar properties to carbon, the element found in all white or colourless diamonds.   If the diamond’s inner structure, also called the lattice, has boron present, the stone will absorb red light and make it appear blue.   The more boron present, the deeper the blue will look.

Blue diamonds have already been in the news in 2014 when Petra Diamonds recovered a 29.6 carat blue diamond from their Cullinan Mine in South Africa in January.   The company sold it a month later, still in its rough form, for $26 million to Cora International NY.

“The Blue” is expected to be the biggest seller during May’s auction.   However, a couple of other stones are expected to also garner big returns.   The first is the largest Fancy Vivid Blue-Green diamond in the world called The Ocean Dream.   This 5.5 carat stone is expected to sell for around $10 million.   As well, a white 26.14 carat diamond called the Rajah Diamond is expected to sell between $3 – $5 million.


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