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A Memorable Year in the World of Diamonds

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November Rain of Color Diamonds

British auction house Bonhams ends the month of November with the Rare Jewels & Jadeite sale taking place in Hong Kong.   Here is a look at the most impressive color diamond pieces that make up this impressive sale.

An Important Fancy Coloured Diamond Pendantimage.jpeg

A stunning piece of jewelry highlighted by a pear-shaped Fancy Light purplish-pink diamond weighing in at 9.21 carats.   The stone hands suspended from a chain necklace featuring both brilliant-cut purplish-pink tinted diamonds as well as brilliant cut white diamonds.   The pendant is expected to sell for between $2.1 and $2.6 million (CAD).

A Fine Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


Designed by famed jeweler Harry Winston, this ring features a 1.11-carat Fancy Vivid purplish pink diamond with a pear-shaped white diamond on either side.   Pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for as low as $770,000, however, considering recent sale prices of fancy color diamonds, the amount will more likely be over a million dollars.


A Rare Pair of Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Earrings


These stunning earrings with a floral arrangement are centered by a 2.87-carat radiant-cut Fancy Vivid yellowish orange diamond and a 2.53-carat radiant-cut Fancy Vivid yellow orange diamond respectively.   Each earring than has a petal-shaped arrangement of brilliant-cut white diamonds.   This wholly original piece is expected to sell for between $480,000 and $650,000.


A Fancy Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


A stunning ring highlighted by a massive 23.46-carat cushion-shaped Fancy yellow-brown diamond set between pear-shaped white diamond shoulders.   Pre-auction estimates have the piece selling for between $430,000 and $600,000.

An Attractive Coloured Diamond Bracelet


The only bracelet on our list, this piece features a tapering line of 42 radiant-cut, yellow tinted diamonds weighing in at 20.00 carats in total.  The expected sale price is between $150,000 and $210,000.


Rainbow of Color Diamond Up For Auction by Bonhams

On Monday, June 22 British auction house Bonhams is holding their Fine Jewelry auction and the pieces include color diamonds from across the rainbow.   Let’s take a look at the biggest 5 color diamonds expected to go under the hammer.

1.  A Fancy Color Diamond and Diamond Ring


Estimated to sell for as high as $980,000 (CAD), this stunning ring features a 3.56-carat cut-cornered rectangular-cut Fancy Intense pink diamond set within a pavé-set white diamond surround which is then located within a pear-shaped white diamond surround.   The white diamonds weigh in at 3.70 carats.

2.  A Fancy Color Diamond and Diamond Ring


The star of this piece is a 0.71-carat oval modified brilliant-cut Fancy Deep blue diamond with white diamonds pavé-set in a star shape.   The ring is expected to sell for between $310,000 and $430,000.

3.  A Pair of “Ashoka Datia” Fancy Color Diamonds


A pair of Ashoka Datia-style diamond earrings by famed New York jeweler William Goldberg feature round-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut Fancy Deep orange-brown diamonds each weighing 3.35 carats.   The earring are further extenuated with a pavé pink diamond surround.  Pre-auction estimates have these pieces selling for between $86,000 to $110,000.

4.  A Fancy Color Diamond and Diamond Ring


Another design from William Goldberg, this ring is expected to sell for between $61,000 to $86,000.   The piece itself features a circular-cut diamond mount of bypass design and includes a round brilliant-cut Fancy Dark greenish-gray 1.93-carat diamond and a round brilliant-cut Fancy brown-pink 1.70-carat diamond.  Each color diamond is set within circular-cut white diamond surround.

5.  A Fancy Color Diamond, Diamond and Sapphire Ring


Rounding out the list is a pavé-set diamond geometric plaque, centering a brilliant-cut Fancy Light gray-blue diamond, weighing 0.92 carats and set within a calibré-cut sapphire surround.   The original looking piece is expected to sell for between $49,000 and $74,000.


Millions of Dollars in Color Diamonds At Auction in October

As temperatures drop, the autumn auction season is starting to heat up.   Next on the schedule of diamond auctions is the annual Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Auction by Sotheby’s Hong Kong.

The auction features more than 30 color diamond pieces, so we decided to look at the five most impressive ones.

1.  Superb and Highly Important Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring


The cream of the crop at the October auction, this ring features an 8.41-carat Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink diamond.   Early estimates have the piece selling for almost $17 million (CAD).

Post Auction Update – Sold for $19,823,873.   A new auction record for that color of diamond.

2.  Fine Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring


Centred by an emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond weighing in at 3.32 carats, the ring also features white diamond shoulders weighing a total of 2.0 carats.   The piece is estimated to sell between $3.7 and $4.8 million.

Post Auction Update – Sold for $5,975,342

3.  Impressive Fancy Deep Brown-Orange Diamond with Diamond Necklace


A breathtaking piece of jewelry by Cartier, the focal point is a pear-shaped Fancy Deep Brown-Orange diamond pendant weighing a 100.26 carats.   The necklace itself is set with approximately 98.00 carats of white diamonds ranging from brilliant cut to marquise-shaped.   The piece is expected to sell for between $2.7 and $3.4 million.

Post Auction Update – Did not sell

4.  Fancy Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond Ring


This is an absolutely dazzling ring with a heart-shaped Fancy Blue diamond weighing 7.02 carats at the venter.  Flanking the stone are 3.60 carats of pink and blue diamonds ranging from brilliant-cut to marquise-shaped.   The piece is estimated to sell for between $1.7 and $2.1 million.

Post Auction Update – Sold for $2,835,268

5.  Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Necklace


Estimated to sell for between $1.7 and $2.0 million, this spectacular necklace features a Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond pendant weighing in at 25.16 carats.  Suspending that stone is a cushion-shaped 3.03-carat white diamond while the chain itself is set with 51.24-carats of brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Post Auction Update – Did not sell

Historic Victory Diamond Highlights Sotheby’s Auction


Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels next month has a number of stones that are sure to sell in the millions.   For history buffs, the first on that list is the stunning Victory Diamond.

The Victory Diamond was the largest of 30 diamonds cut out of the rough the 770-carat Woyie River diamond.   Found in Sierra Leone in 1945, the lozenge-shaped Woyie River diamond was the the third largest diamond ever found in Africa.

Named in honour of the Allied victory during World War II, the Victory Diamond is a potentially flawless, type IIa, step-cut 31.35 carat stone that should sell at the auction for between $5 and $8 million.

Also expecting to make headlines at the same auction is a couple of diamonds from the London-based jeweller Graff Diamonds. The first is the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond.   Weighing in at 100.09 carats, it is considered the largest fancy vivid yellow diamonds ever recovered.   The diamond, described as “daffodil yellow” in colour has a hefty auction pre-sale estimate at between $15 and $25 million.   However, with the value of colour diamonds continuing to increase, some of our in-house experts believe that estimate could be a little conservative.

The other major diamond to go under the hammer from Graff is a 103.46 carat, brilliant-cut, round stone.   Many experts consider the gem to be one of the largest known round diamonds. The stone is expected to sell at auction for between $3.5 to 5 million.


Two Of Christie’s 2014 Magnificent Jewels

Christie’s, the famous New York City auction house, is holding their annual Magnificent Jewels auction on April 16. Always a highlights of the spring calendar in the diamond world, last year’s auction featured a 34.65 carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond that ended up selling for $39.3 million.

The high end pieces for this year’s auction include a pair of Internally Flawless diamond ear pendants of over 22 carats each, a 40.43 carat oval-cut diamond and a 50.05 carat Flawless briolette diamond.  However, a couple of sparkling colour diamond pieces by JAR really caught our eye.

1.  Historic Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond


Three separate angles of a 2.49 carat fancy yellowish green diamond set with an old-mine cut surround with a single-cut diamond gallery and hoop, mounted on platinum.   Early estimates are that this could sell for as high as half a million dollars. The diamond itself was formerly owned by Eliza Branicka, the wife of 18th century Polish romantic poet Zygmunt Krasinski.

2.  Oval-Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond


A 15.75 carat oval-cut, fancy intense yellow diamond set on a pave diamond thread mount and mounted on platinum.   Christie’s estimates that it should sell between $500,000 and $700,000. The piece was formerly the property of Brazilian philanthropist and socialite Lily Safra.   One of the richest women in the world, Safra owns what is considered the second most expensive home in the world Villa Leopolda on the French Riviera.

Jewels by JAR

What makes these two colour diamond pieces even more special is that they are from jeweller Joel Arthur Rosenthal, better known simply as JAR.   His shop, located in Paris’ Place Vendôme, has no windows, no signage and no set hours.   He caters only to the worlds’ elite and does so without advertising or a social media presence.  The mere mention of his name means that what Christie’s estimates for these two colour diamond rings could end up being a very conservative guess.

JCK Magazine’s Colour Diamond Winners

For seven years, JCK Magazine has had a retailer-driven design competition called the Jewelers’ Choice Awards.   With categories ranging from Best Earring Design to Best Platinum Jewelry, it highlights the best in the world of jewelry.

We decided to focus in on the rather impressive winners from the three Colour Diamond categories.

1.  Colour Diamond Jewelry Under $2,500

Under 2500

18 karat hand-hammered gold rings featuring cognac diamonds with white diamond accents along the band.   The ring is from the family-owned, Los Angeles-based business Dorian & Rose.

2.  Colour Diamond Jewelry $2,501 – $10,000

2501 10000

An 18 karat gold ring featuring a free-form web with both yellow and white diamonds by the Los Angeles-based jewel company Parade.

3.  Colour Diamond Jewelry Over $10,000

over 10k

A handcrafted 18 karat yellow and white gold ring featuring a range of natural colour diamonds equalling 54.84 carats from Leibish & Co.

To see the winners from all of the other categories, click on this link.