Ouroboro Diamonds Announces Release of Limited Edition Piece Called The “Oro”


The Oro 3The Oro 4

Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color announces the release of a limited edition Gold and Diamond Ingot called The “Oro”.   Custom designed and fabricated in Canada, only 200 of these collectible pieces are being made.

Individually numbered and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, The “Oro” is made up of one troy ounce of 24-karat (99.99% or .9999) pure yellow gold.   What makes The “Oro” special is that embedded within each is a round, brilliant-cut, D-color, Internally Flawless diamond of no less than 0.25 carats.    Each of the diamonds will be accompanied by certification from the Gemological Institute of America

“After an incredibly successful first eight months for our company, we are excited to branch into this new endeavor,” says President and Director of Ouroboro Diamonds, Neil G. Finney.

“The ‘Oro’ is a stunning collector’s piece that showcases the perfection of a diamond framed by luminous gold”

The “Oro” will be available directly from the website (www.oro-ingot.com) or by contacting Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color directly at 866-350-4646.


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