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Yellow Diamonds Highlight Sotheby’s Important Jewels Auction

Sotheby’s kicks off of the autumn auction season on September 23 with the Important Jewels sale and these five yellow diamond pieces are certain to be the stars of the show.



Fabulous yellow diamond earrings set on 18-karat gold have the highest pre-auction sale price among all color diamond pieces at this auction.   Estimated to sell for over $900,000 (CAD), these earrings feature cut-cornered Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds, weighing in at 12.88 and 12.06 carats respectively.



The centrepiece of this ring is a massive 20.18-carat cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut Fancy Intense Yellow diamond.   The stone is flanked by two triangle-shaped white diamonds weighing in at a total of 4 carats.   Industry experts believe this ring could sell for between $648,000 and $864,000.



A stunning rectangular brilliant-cut Fancy Yellow diamond ring, the stone weighs in at 5.01 carats and is set on platinum-mounting accented with .20-carats of white diamonds.   Pre-auction estimates have this piece selling for between $270,000 and $378,000.



Another spectacular diamond ring featuring a Fancy Yellow stone , this one weighs in at 11.67-carats and is flanked by .90 carats of half-moon, white diamonds.   This piece could be the steal of the auction as estimates have it selling between $205,000 and $237,000.



Rounding out our list is another ring, this one featuring a 5.04-carat cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut Fancy Intense Yellow diamond with .60-carats of trapeze-cut diamonds on the side.   The pre-auction estimate for this piece is listed at between $108,000 and $162,000.


Graff Diamonds With Diamond Splash At La Biennale

The 27th Biennale des Antiquaires begins on Thursday, September 11 and famed jeweller Graff Diamonds plans to make a big splash with two spectacular color diamond pieces.


The first is The Royal Star of Paris, a stunning brooch featuring over 200 carats worth of diamonds.   The centrepiece features the Graff Sunflower, a 107.46-carat Fancy Yellow cushion-cut diamond.   Dangling from the piece is the Graff Perfection, a 100-carat D-color Flawless pear-shaped diamond.


The second piece is Le Collier Bleu de Reve, a necklace featuring a 10.47 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless diamond.   The diamond is in the very rare briolette cut; favoured among royalty in the 17th century.   The briolette cut, described as an elongated pear shape, is said to have originated in India over 800 years ago.

The Biennale was started in 1962 as an exhibition of museum quality art, antiques and collector pieces.   It will be London-based Graff Diamonds first appearance at the Biennale in over a decade.

Graff Diamonds last made a big splash at a jewelry event in March of this year with the introduction of The Hallucination Watch at Baselworld in Switzerland.   That $55 million timepiece had tongues wagging with its cascade of 110 carats of color diamonds.




Another Major Diamond Fine From The Cullinan Mine


There was another major diamond discovery at South Africa’s Cullinan mine this month as Petra Diamonds recovered a 232-carat diamond.

The white diamond is a D-color, type IIa stone with “exceptional” size and clarity.   It is also the second large diamond recovered by Petra Diamonds from the mine this year.   In June, the company recovered a 122.5 carat blue diamond, the largest blue diamond found by Petra since they acquired the Cullinan mine in 2008.

122.5 blue diamond

The Cullinan mine has been a great source for diamonds since it opened in 1902.   The mine, located in the small African town of the same name, is just east of Pretoria, Guateng, South Africa.   According to a recent tweet by Petra Diamonds, there have been over 800 diamonds found in the mine that weigh over 100 carats and 130 diamonds at over 200 carats.


The location first became famous in 1905 with the discovery of the 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond.   Over a century later, it is still the largest rough diamond ever recovered.   The stone was eventually broken down into 9 large diamonds and an additional 96 smaller diamonds.


Other famous diamonds found at the Cullinan Mine include:

  • The Golden Jubilee Diamond, the largest cut and faceted diamond in the world.   Recovered in 1985, it weighed in at 755.5-carats.   After two years of cutting, the brown diamond is a Fire Rose Cushion-Cut stone weighing in at 545.67-carats.
  • The De Beers Centenary Diamond was found in 1988 and weighed in at a hefty 599-carats in the rough.  Graded as D-color and both internally and externally flawless, it weighs 273.85 carats in its finished form.   The shape has been described as heart-shaped without the groove on top.
  • The Niarchos Diamond, a mysterious diamond that was found on a grease table in the recovery room for the mine in 1954.   In its rough form, it weighed in at 426.5 carats and possessed a small chip.   After a year of cutting, the diamond became a pear-shaped, 128.25 carat stone.
  • The Premier Rose Diamond, found in March 1978, was originally a 353.9-carat stone.   It was eventually cut into three diamonds, the 137.02-carat Big Rose, the 31.48-carat Little Rose and the 2.11-carat Baby Rose.
  • The Taylor Burton Diamond, is considered the first million dollar diamond after it’s famed purchase by actor Richard Burton for his then wife Elizabeth Taylor in 1969.   Originally weighing in at 241-carats, the diamond was cut into a pear-shaped, 69.42 carat stone.


The Color Diamonds of Bonham’s Fine Jewels Auction

With the fall auction season beginning to heat up, diamond industry eyes are looking toward Bonhams Fine Jewelry auction coming up on September 17.   The feature piece at the auction is the Duke of Windsor’s Diamond Frog which is being sold alongside a diamond brooch with the stones set in the formation of the Prince of Wales’ feathers, the badge of the Prince of Wales (pictured below).



The pieces together are expected to sell for more than $16,000 (CAD) but we focused on out these five color diamond pieces of jewelry.

1.  A Fancy Brown Yellow Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring


The most interesting color diamond piece in the auction, the centrepiece of the ring is a 12.22-carat Fancy Brown Yellow marquise-cut diamond.   The piece, which is expected to sell for between $140,000 and $180,000 also features a 2.40-carat border of tapered baguette-cut diamonds.

2.  An Argyle Purplish-Pink Diamond Ring


The stone may only weigh 0.80 carats, but this Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink Argyle diamond is stunning.   The ring also features pave diamond shoulders and is predicted to sell as high as $150,000.


3.  A Fancy Yellow Diamond Pendant


The focal point of this piece circa 1905 is a Fancy Vivid Yellow pear-shaped diamond weighing in at 2.93-carats.  Suspending the stone is a chain necklace via knifewire connectors with single-cut diamond detail, mounted in yellow gold and platinum.   The pre-auction estimates for the sale of this pendant are between $45,000 and $63,000.

4.  A Fancy Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring



This 7.50-carat Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow diamond is expected to sell for between $45,000 and $54,000.   The cushion-cut stone is surrounded by scrolling old brilliant and single-cut diamond shoulders


5.  A 1920s Era Brownish-Yellow Diamond Ring


A ring befitting the jazz age of the 1920s, it features a Fancy brownish-yellow diamond weighing in at 4.73 carats.   The piece also features a mount of 0.30 carats of white diamonds.   This might be the steal of the auction with an estimated sale price of $27,000 to $36,000.


Throw me the diamond…I’ll throw you the whip!

If you fancy yourself an Indiana Jones-type adventurer,  you may want to head over to England as there are two separate diamond treasure hunts going on this month.

UK-based diamond store Beards Jewellers is set to launch The Great Diamond Rush, a treasure hunt for 10 different 0.40 carat white diamonds with all proceeds going to Maggie’s Cancer Centre.


The 10 diamonds have been hidden around Cheltenham, a small town located in southwest England with a population of 115,000.   Perspective hunters can purchase special edition treasure maps to help search for the diamonds for a cost of £10 (around $18 CAD).

The hunt will take place on the weekend of September 13-14.   Beards Jewellers expects all of the diamonds to be found that weekend thanks to specially denoted “Clue Makers”.   These people will be placed around the town and for an additional £5 (around $9 CAD) they will provide hunters additional clues to help find the diamonds.

The second England-based diamond hunt has been going on since the first week of August.  Jeweller 77 Diamonds launched a 1.14 carat diamond 100,000 feet into the air with the help of a helium balloon.   Thanks to the attached GPS tracker, it is known that the diamond landed somewhere near the small town of Gainsborough, in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England

Diamonds In The Sky

77 Diamonds has said that they will tweet once the diamond is found.   As of today’s date, the stone is still missing and available for anyone who finds it.  Can’t wait to see what diamond treasure hunt makes the news next!

UPDATE (Sept.16, 2014)

All ten diamonds from Beards Jewellers’ The Great Diamond Rush  were found over the weekend of September 13-14.   The even better news is that over $11,000 (CAD) were raised for Maggie’s Cancer Centre.   The best story regarding one on the found diamonds is that Scott Thompson used the stone to propose to his girlfriend Lucienne Simpson.   Beards Jewellers’ Managing Director Alex Rose, has offered to make their engagement ring himself from that diamond.

Meanwhile, over in the 77 Diamonds hunt in Gainsborough, the diamond launched into space in the first week of August has still not been found.