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Associated Press – Investors Take Shine To Pink Diamonds


Mining company Rio Tinto begins a worldwide tour of their rare pink, red and blue diamonds to financial centres around the world leading up to their silent auction in October.   The Associated Press has a fascinating article about Rio Tinto’s annual tender and how investors are looking at the growing value of pink diamonds.

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The Color Diamonds of the Luxury Privé Show

New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel will be host to the annual JCK Luxury Privé Show starting next week.   The exhibition of world renown jewellers will feature some fabulous pieces, so we decided to show off some of the color diamond ones that caught our eye.

1.  Burnish-Set Fancy Diamond Statement Ring


From S.E.S. Creations, this stunning oval-shaped ring set on 18-karat pink gold features over 200 round diamonds including 11 orange ones with a total weight of 2.32 carats.

2.   Natural Yellow Diamond Earrings



Texas-based jeweller Tasha R. is presenting these overlapping teardrop earrings which feature an awe-inspiring 15.50-carats of yellow and white diamonds set on 18 karat white gold.

3.  Platinum 17.25-carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


A GIA-certified Fancy yellow diamond weighing in at 17.25-carats highlights this breathtaking ring from JB Star.   The diamond is flanked by two trapezoid-shaped white diamonds and is set on pure platinum.


4.  White and Pink Diamond Flower Ring


A fascinating ring designed to look like a flower by award-winning jewelry designer Simon G.   The piece features a total of 2.54-carats of white diamonds and 0.21-carats of pink diamonds and is set on 18-karat white and rose gold.

5.   Paradise Diamond Slice Earrings


Dilamani Designs out of San Francisco created these amazing chandelier-style earrings featuring 15.40-carats of rose-cut grey diamonds bordered with 2.76-carats of white diamonds, set on 18-karat white gold.

Tip of the hat to Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace Manager for the pictures and information.

Sotheby’s Fine Jewels Auction

On Wednesday, July 16, Sotheby’s Auction House in London will be holding their Fine Jewels auction.   Here is a look at the six color diamond pieces that will be going under the hammer.

1.  Fancy Color Diamond and Diamond Earrings


Featuring a cushion-shaped Fancy Dark yellow-brown diamond weighing 6.15 carats and a cushion-shaped Fancy Dark brown-yellow diamond weighing 6.34, these earrings could sell as high as $136,000 at the auction.   Each of the diamonds feature a diamond surround of yellow and white diamonds and are suspended from an articulated line of Cushion-Shaped and Brilliant Cut diamonds.

2.  Pair Of Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings


A pair of brilliant-cut Fancy yellow diamonds weighing in at 3.62 and 3.54 carats respectively are expected to sell for between $54,000 – $91,000.

3.  Pair Of Fancy Color Diamond Earrings


Brilliant-cut Fancy orange-brown diamonds highlight these earrings weighing 3.12 and 3.20 carats.   Suspending just below them is a square Fancy Light yellow diamond and a square Fancy Intense yellow diamond checking in at 0.98 and 0.96 carats respectively.   Pre-auction estimates have the pair selling at between $45,000 and $63,000.

4.  Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring


Estimated to sell for between $32,000 and $40,000, this ring features a 3.09-carat Fancy Intense yellow diamond offset by a mount featuring trapeze and brilliant cut white diamonds.

5.  Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace


The centrepiece of this necklace is a 1.77-carat oval Fancy Intense yellow diamond with a brilliant-cut diamond surmount.   Industry experts believe it could sell for between $14,000 and $21,000 but considering how yellow diamonds have been doing at auction lately, these numbers may be conservative.

6.  Color Diamond Ring, Boucheron and Color Diamond Ring


Two rings in this lot, the first is a simple band pave-set with yellow-tinted diamonds.   The second is designed as a flower with petals featuring pink, yellow and white diamonds.     The two are estimated to sell for between $5,000 – $7,000.

The Incomparable Diamond


With yellow diamonds increasing in value astronomically, we thought we would take a look at one of the most famous yellow diamonds ever recovered, the Incomparable Diamond.

Weighing in at 890 carats in it’s rough form, the stone was originally found in the early 1980s in the town of Mbuji Maya in the Democratic Republic of Congo.   Ironically, the diamond was found among the rubble from a diamond mine that had been rejected as not containing anything of value.

The yellow stone ended up in the hands of De Beers who gave it to famed gem cutter Leo Wins to cut down into smaller diamonds.  The final result was that the massive gem was cut down into one large diamond weighing 407.48 carats and 14 smaller diamonds ranging from 1.33 carats to 15.66 carats.



The largest diamond, now owned by Mouawad Jewelry, is considered the largest Internally Flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.  The stone is the centrepiece of L’Incomparable diamond necklace which also features 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, nine heart-shaped diamonds, five emerald-cut diamonds, five cushion diamonds, four oval diamonds, three Asscher-cut diamonds and two radiant diamonds. The total diamond carat weight for the piece is 637 carats.   When first exhibited in 2013, the necklace set the Guinness World Record as the most expensive necklace with a value of $55 million.

LIncomparable Diamond Necklace