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The Color Diamonds of Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

Sotheby’s of Geneva will be holding their Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels auction on Wednesday, November 12 and, once again, colour diamonds will be front and center.

We take a look at the top 5 colour diamond pieces including a brilliant blue, some amazing yellows and a couple of stunning pinks.   All five should sell for at least a million dollars apiece.

1.  A Rare Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring



Estimated to sell for as much as $3.3 million (CAD), this beautiful Cushion-Shaped Fancy Intense Blue diamond weighs in at 3.16 carats.

2.  Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring


Another amazing color diamond ring, this one features a 4.53-carat Oval-Modified Brilliant Cut Purplish-Pink stone.   Industry experts believe it will sell for between $1.3 and $1.8 million!

3.  An Impressive Fancy Yellow Diamond Pendant


From the Swiss jewelry company Gubelin, this pendant features a massive 55.19-carat Fancy Yellow diamond.   This piece could be the steal of the auction as estimates have it selling  between only $1.1 and $2.2 million!

4.  A Rare and Impressive Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring


Graff Diamonds biggest entry in the world of color diamonds at the auction is this Step-Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 10.30 carats.  Estimates have it selling between $1 and $1.7 million.

5.  Attractive Light Pink Diamond Ring


A Pear-Shaped Light Pink Diamond featuring white diamond shoulders is the final entry on the list.   The low-end estimate for the piece is $783,000 though, considering the rarity of pink diamonds, the sale price will probably end up closer to the top-end of the estimate $1.6 million.


Agatha Christie Diamonds = Big Pay Day!

Agatha Christie

Did you hear about the Agatha Christie story about the mysterious trunk purchased for less than $200 (CAD) that turned into about $80,000 worth of diamond jewelry?

This story doesn’t take place in an old mansion or on the Orient Express, it happened for real for a fan of the late author,  Jennifer Grant.

In 2006, Grant purchased a trunk at a sale in the author’s estate in Devon, England.   Inside the trunk was a strongbox that she decided to pry open with a crowbar 4 years later.  Located inside was a diamond brooch and a three-diamond ring.   These pieces became part of Bonhams’ Jewelry auction on October 8, 2014.

Leading up to the auction, industry experts assumed the ring would sell for for between $5,000 and $9,000 while the brooch would sell for between $10,000 and $14,000 while .   The sale of these two items blew away those predictions as the ring sold for a whopping $39,277 and the brooch sold for an even more impressive $49,377!

As per National Jeweler, the pieces were purchased as a gift for his wife by the husband of Sophie Kinsella, famed author of the Shopaholic series of novels.

Salvador Dali…the Diamond Jewelry Designer?

Dali Persistence

Even the most casual art fan will probably recognize Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s greatest work, The Persistence of Memory.   But did you know he also dabbled into jewelry design?   We decided to take a look at four pieces of his jewelry that has been sold at auction over the last five years.


Heading to auction in November 2014, The “Swirling Sea Necklace” features 67 diamonds, 61 Sapphire beads, 61 emerald beads, 125 Oriental pearls and a large South Sea Pearl.   The diamonds weigh in at a total of  4.74 carats and the entire piece is set with 18 karat gold.


“The Eye of Time” brooch features rows of diamonds surrounding the “eye” with a blue enamel watch face set as the “eyeball”.   It was sold for $1.2 million (CAD) at auction in May 2014 by Sotheby’s as part of their Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale.


A pair of yellow gold ear clips, stylized to look like telephone receivers featuring brilliant-cut diamonds on both ends along with rubies and emeralds.   These pieces were sold at auction in November 2010 for $53,832.


The “Tree of Life” necklace features leaves made of gold along with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds spread throughout the piece.   The necklace was part of the Sotheby’s London Fine Jewels auction in December 2011 and sold for $52,004.

Yellow Diamonds Continue To Sparkle At Auction

Christie’s in London held their Important Jewels auction this week and yellow diamonds were the story as the winning bids far exceeded their pre-auction estimates.

1.   A Diamond Bracelet, By Bulgari

Christies bracelet

A bracelet by the Italian jewelry company Bulgari features a marquise-cut Fancy Brown-Yellow diamond at the centre with a fluted Pave-Set Brilliant and Baguette-Cut diamond surround.   Experts believed it would sell for $330,000 (CAD) at the most, however, the winning bid was more than double at almost $708,000 (CAD).

2.  A Yellow Diamond Ring


Estimated to sell at between $64,000 and $73,000, this yellow diamond ring sold at $103,038.  The piece features a Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond weighing in at 4.36 carats with a Brilliant-Cut diamond line surround.

3.  A Coloured Diamond Ring


A Square-Cut Cornered Fancy Yellow diamond ring featuring a 5.14 carat stone was expected to sell for between $45,000 and $54,000.   The final sale price was $80,140!

4.  A Gem, Diamond and Colored Diamond “Love Bird” Brooch, By Cartier


The biggest surprise of the auction was saved for this brooch featuring love birds with wings and a tail set with yellow diamonds.   Estimated to sell for around $18,000, the winning bid was over three times as much, finally settling at $68,692!

5.  A Colored Diamond Ring, By Graff


A color diamond ring by Graff Diamonds also made headlines at Tuesday’s auction selling for more than double the original estimate.   The piece featuring a 5.05-carat Fancy Yellow Cut-Cornered Rectangular diamond and Heart-Shaped diamond shoulders that was expected to sell for $27,476 at the most went for $64,112.