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The Second Largest Diamond Ever Found


Canadian-based Lucara Diamond Corporation have announced the finding of the second-largest diamond in history.

This tennis ball-sized white diamond weighs in at a jaw-dropping 1,111 carats!   The stone, described as gem-quality with a type IIa grade, was found in the company’s Karowe Mine in Botswana on Monday.

The stone ranks only behind the Cullinan Diamond in terms of carat size.   When the Cullinan Diamond was recovered in 1905, it weighed in at an astronomic 3,106 carats.   The diamond was later cut into 9 major stones and another 96 smaller stones.

Lucara followed up that news with an announcement on the finding of two other hefty white diamonds.   The first, weighing in at 813 carats, is considered to be the sixth largest diamond ever recovered.   The other stone found weighed in at 374 carats.

“I am truly at a loss for words. This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined. We are truly blessed by this amazing asset.”

-William Lamb, president and CEO of Lucara


A Stunning Yellow Diamond Headlines Important Jewels Auction

Christie’s kicks off the fall auction season with the Important Jewels sale October 20 in New York City.   Here’s a look at the Top 5 Color Diamonds from the sale.

  1.  A Magnificent Colored Diamond


We wrote about this piece in length in a blog post written last month.   Put simply, this stone is a 75.56-carat Fancy Vivid yellow diamond and is expected to sell for between $3 and $4 million (USD).

2.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace


The focal point of the only necklace to make our list is a 36.23-carat pear-shaped brilliant-cut fancy brownish yellow diamond.   The stone features a white diamond surround and is suspended with a fine-link neck chain featuring a heart-shaped diamond and two circular-cut diamonds.   The piece is expected to sell for between $350,000 and $450,000.

3.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


A cut-cornered rectangular step-cut Fancy Dark yellow-brown diamond weighing in at 23.30 carats is the highlight of this stunning ring.   This main stone is flanked by a pair of trapezoid-cut white diamonds.  Pre-auction estimates for the ring have been set at between $250,000 and $300,000.

4.  A Colored Diamond and Diamond Ring


This amazing ring features a main stone that is a pear-shaped modified brilliant-cut Fancy Intense yellowish green diamond.   The diamond, which weighs in at 7.11 carats also features a circular-cut pink diamond surround.   The estimate for the ring is between $250,000 and $350,000.

5.  An Important Colored Diamond Line Bracelet


The only bracelet to make our list, this piece was designed by famed jeweler Tiffany & Co.   The piece is set with 22 square-cut yellow diamonds, weighing between 2.01 and 2.14 carats each.   The pre-auction estimate for the bracelet has been set between $200,000 and $300,000.

A Possible Record-Breaking Diamond


A 12.03-carat Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue diamond could become a record-breaking stone come this November as it goes to auction by Sotheby’s.

The “Blue Moon Diamond”, named for its once-in-a-blue-moon kind of rarity is expected to sell for between $35 and $55 million at their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva.

The original stone was recovered by Petra Diamonds at the Cullinan mine in South Africa in January 2014.

blue rough

In it’s original state, it weighed in at 29.62-carats and was quickly sold for $25.6 million to Cora International.   The New York-based firm then spent the next 6 months cutting and polishing the fabulous blue stone to its current form.

If the Blue Moon Diamond does end up selling for more than $32.6 million, it will break the record currently held by the 9.75-carat Zoe Diamond as the most expensive blue diamond ever sold.  If it sells for more than $46.2 million, it will set the record for the most expensive diamond of any kind sold at auction.

Diamond Pointers

Sounding like a diamond expert can be a lot easier with a few basic terms.   The 4 C’s, Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat are the basics which we’ve discussed at length in previous blog posts.  But another piece of terminology that diamond pros use are “points” or “pointers”.


When diamond experts refer to diamonds, they will call it a certain number pointer like “a 50 pointer” or “a 75 pointer”.   This number does not refer to the amount of different flat surfaces (also known as facets) on a diamond.   The number relates to the amount of carats in a diamond.   From a mathematic standpoint, 1 carat equals 100 points.   So if someone calls a diamond a “50 pointer” they are saying the diamond is half a carat.

As discussed previously, the amount of carats does not refer to the size of a diamond, but to the weight of a diamond.   One carat equals 1/142nd of an ounce or 1/5th of a gram.

As discussed previously, carat weight is not the key component of a diamond.   The diamond’s cut has a lot to do with how it sparkles.   The diamond’s color, whether a white diamond or a fancy color diamond relates to it’s beauty.   The diamond’s clarity relates to whether it has any cracks or inclusions within the stone.   It is these four factors combined that dictate a diamond’s true value.

So you may never become a diamantaire with your own personal loupe in your back pocket, but you can at least sound like one.

Colour Diamonds from the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels

Colour diamond experts will be playing close attention to Christie’s Hong Kong Magnficent Jewels auction coming up on May 27.   The auction, the final one of the spring season will feature a vast array of different colour stones that are sure to dazzle.

Here are details for four colour diamond pieces scheduled to go under the hammer and expected to sell for over $1.5 million.

1.  A Magnificent Coloured Diamond And Diamond Ring


One of the highlights of the auction, this pear-shaped Fancy Intense Pink diamond weighs in at 9.38 carats.   It is flanked by two smaller pear-shaped white diamonds and set on a ring made of platinum and 18-karat rose gold.   The piece is estimated to sell for as much as $8.4 million.

2.  A Rare Coloured Diamond Ring


The centrepiece of this ring is an ultra-rare Fancy Intense Green diamond weighing 6.13 carats.   The piece features a brilliant-cut pink diamond surround mounted on 18-karat rose gold.   The ring is expected to sell for between $2.6 and $3.8 million.

3.  An Important Coloured Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace


Mounted on platinum, this necklace features a 2.04-carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense Blue diamond and a 12.05-carat briolette diamond.   This 40 cm long piece is expected to sell for between $1.6 and $2.3 million.

4.  A Rare Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring


This platinum ring features a rectangular-shaped Orangy-Pink diamond weighing a total of 12.93-carats and flanked by marquise-cut diamond shoulders.   Produced by famed jeweller Harry Winston, the piece is expected to sell for between $1.6 and $2.6 million.