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Colour Diamond “Man-Gagement Rings”

Famed actor Johnny Depp may have just kick-started the man-gagement ring craze when he appeared wearing a diamond engagement ring while promoting his new film Transcendence.   


Brittany Siminitz of JCK Magazine wrote about the possible rise in popularity of engagement rings made specifically for men.   We decided to focus on the ones she included that feature colour diamonds.   Which one is your favourite?

1.  Men’s Etched Brown Diamond Ring

Mens Brown Diamond Ring

A 10.20 carat brown diamond is the focus of this ring from Los Angeles-based jewelry store Forty-Seventh & Fifth.   The diamond is surrounded by 2.01 carats of small round white diamonds.   The ring itself is hand-etched in 18 karat yellow gold.

2.  Men’s Palladium Raw Diamond Band

Mens Ring

The most subtle of the three on the list, Colorado jewelry designer Todd Reed crafted a ring that uses his eclectic diamond-in-the-rough style.   The band is made of palladium, one of the rarest metals in the world.   The ring features a hand-carved window with 0.114 carats of rough diamonds, one brown and one white.

3.  Two-Tone Men’s Yellow and White Diamond Ring

Mens Diamond Ring 3

From First Image Design Corporation out of New York, this ring is centred by a 1.03 carat radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond at the centre.   The stone is then surrounded by 16 round-shaped white diamonds with another two more on either side weighing in at a total of 0.76 carats.