Graff Diamonds With Diamond Splash At La Biennale

The 27th Biennale des Antiquaires begins on Thursday, September 11 and famed jeweller Graff Diamonds plans to make a big splash with two spectacular color diamond pieces.


The first is The Royal Star of Paris, a stunning brooch featuring over 200 carats worth of diamonds.   The centrepiece features the Graff Sunflower, a 107.46-carat Fancy Yellow cushion-cut diamond.   Dangling from the piece is the Graff Perfection, a 100-carat D-color Flawless pear-shaped diamond.


The second piece is Le Collier Bleu de Reve, a necklace featuring a 10.47 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless diamond.   The diamond is in the very rare briolette cut; favoured among royalty in the 17th century.   The briolette cut, described as an elongated pear shape, is said to have originated in India over 800 years ago.

The Biennale was started in 1962 as an exhibition of museum quality art, antiques and collector pieces.   It will be London-based Graff Diamonds first appearance at the Biennale in over a decade.

Graff Diamonds last made a big splash at a jewelry event in March of this year with the introduction of The Hallucination Watch at Baselworld in Switzerland.   That $55 million timepiece had tongues wagging with its cascade of 110 carats of color diamonds.





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