The Ultra-Rare Purple Diamonds

Purple Rain

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Prince’s seminal album Purple Rain, we decided to look at some purple diamonds.

Among the most rare of all color diamonds, purple diamonds are most commonly thought to be caused by intense pressure put on the stone mixed with the fact that trace amounts of hydrogen were introduced as the diamond was formed millions of years ago.   However, some gemologists believe that since purple is a mix of blue and red, these color diamonds were caused by an introduction of boron within the structure as well as some inherent defects in the crystal lattice structure of the stone.  Purple diamonds are generally found in Australia but there have been instances of purple diamonds found in places such as Russia, South America and North America.

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is the largest and most famous purple diamond ever recovered in history.   The confirmed facts about the stone are that it is heart-shaped, weighs in at 7.34 carats and has a clarity of I-1.


In the picture of the Royal Purple Heart diamond, it appears to be more blue than purple.   However, British gemologist Michael Hing upon inspecting the stone in 2002 said “The stone has diagonal surface graining that is clearly visible to the naked eye on the table facet if you look at it under a glancing light.”

Hing went on to say that “It is not as blue as in your photo, it’s more purple than lilac.”

The second most famous purple diamond is the Supreme Purple Heart.   Even less is known about this stone.  Despite it’s name, actually has a round brilliant cut.   The diamond is believed to have been found in the Amazon Basin of South America, weighs between 2 and 5 carats and appears to have a purple color from one angle and a red color from another angle.

If you would like to check out a purple diamond for yourself, here is a look at some of our personal favourites here at Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Colour:

A 0.15-carat Fancy Purplish-Pink Pear-Cut Diamond


A 0.17-carat Fancy Purplish-Pink Princess-Cut Diamond


A 0.51-carat Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink Emerald-Cut Diamond





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