Rahaminov Diamonds Wins “Design Challenge” Award From JCK Magazine

On June 1, California-based jeweller Rahaminov Diamonds won the 5th annual “Design Challenge” award at JCK’s Platinum Innovation Awards.  Taking a look at the showcase pieces Rahaminov featured on the way to winning the award, you can see why they won.

1.   The Vibrant Bloom



This jaw-dropping ring features 8 GIA-certified color diamonds weighing in at a total of  3.21 carats.   The diamonds include two Fancy Pink, two Fancy Intense Blue-Green, one Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink, a Fancy Intense yellow-orange, a Fancy Vivid yellow-orange and a Fancy Vivid Yellow.

2.  Golden Majesty


An awe-inspiring 40.23 carat Fancy yellow diamond ring set on platinum and 18 karat yellow gold.

3.  The Fancy Pink

Photo © Erika Winters - Rahaminov Diamonds 7-carat pink diamond ring

photo courtesy of Erika Winters

A lovely 7.09 carat Fancy pink radiant-cut diamond ring.

4.  The One Hundred


This bracelet is aptly named The One Hundred as it features 100 Fancy color diamonds and weighs in at 100 carats.

5.  The Pink and Green


A 2.05 carat Fancy Yellow-Green Cushion-Cut diamond ring featuring a pink melee.

6.  The Vivid Ocean


A Fancy Vivid Bluish-Green Radiant-Cut diamond ring.



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