A Daffodil Yellow Diamond Helps Sprouts New Records At Auction


Headlined by a yellow, daffodil-coloured diamond, famed auction house Sotheby’s set a record for jewelry auctions with winning bids totalling $141,492,079.

The Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond, weighing in at a whopping 100.09 carats, sold for $17,793,582 (CAD).   This amount set records for most ever spent on a yellow diamond at auction as well as the most ever spent on a jewel by Graff.

Despite the record number, the winning bid was still on the low end of pre-auction estimates as experts predicted the diamond would sell for between $16.4 and 27.4 million (CAD).

The sale of the yellow stone almost didn’t happen as when it first went under the hammer on Tuesday, it failed to garner high enough bidding.   However, after some confusion over the currency conversion, the diamond went back on the block until it was eventually sold to an as yet unnamed buyer.

Other highlights from the auction included the following:

  • A 12.07 carat marquise-cut pink diamond set a record for highest per carat price ever paid for a diamond of that colour at $655,889.   The total sale was $7,916,585.

pink 12.07

  •  A 10.11 carat light pink diamond ring shattered the pre-auction estimates of between $553,436 and $879,348 by selling for an eye-popping $4,335,244.   This set a per carat price record for a light pink diamond at $428,807.


  •  A 25.32-carat brilliant-cut, diamond sold for $6,814,634 or $269,140 per carat.   That per carat price is the most ever spent for a round, colourless diamond.



  • At a massive 103.46 carats, this diamond ring by Graff features one of the largest round diamonds ever found.   It sold for $5,299,451.





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