Pink Diamonds Continue To Shine at Auction

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction in Hong Kong rocked the diamond world Monday with records set and colour diamonds wildly exceeding pre-auction estimates.

Pink diamonds continued their upward trend as all six pieces on the docket sold for above what industry experts had originally predicted.

1.  The centrepiece is a brilliant-cut light pink diamond weighing 4.02 carats surrounded by oval and tapered baguette diamonds weighing approximately 1.40 carats and mounted on a  platinum ring. Pre-auction estimate $141,365 — 169,638 (CAD)  Lot Sold $209,220 (CAD)


2.  A pair of earrings featuring three small colour diamonds(pink, blue & yellow) weighing a total of 0.68 carats on each leading to a pear-shaped very light pink and light pink diamond weighing 1.14 and 0.91 carats respectively.  The earrings are mounted in platinum, 18 karat white and pink gold.  Pre-Auction Estimate  $42,409 — $49,478 Lot Sold  $67,148


3.  A ring with an oval light pink diamond weighing 6.27 carats, framed by circular-cut pink diamonds which are then surrounded by oval diamonds.   These surrounding diamonds weigh in at approximately 4.70 carats, mounted in 18 karat white and pink gold.  Pre-Auction Estimate  $607,868 — $678,550     Lot Sold  $955,625


4.  A heart-shaped light pink diamond weighing 4.03 carats, framed by circular-cut diamonds extending to the shoulders.   The piece itself is mounted in 18 karat white and pink gold.  Pre-Auction Estimate  $98,955 — $120,160 Lot Sold  $243,147


5.  A necklace featuring alternating pink diamond and diamond-set floral links with an emerald-cut diamond decorated by a pear-shaped frame suspended at the front.   It also includes a pair of matching pendent earrings, the entire set features approximately 12.20 carats of diamonds and all are mounted in 18 karat white and yellow gold.  Pre-Auction Estimate  $33,928 — $42,409 Lot Sold  $70,682


6.  An emerald-cut fancy yellow diamond weighing 1.72 carats, surrounded by circular-cut pink diamonds together weighing approximately 1.30 carats.   The ring is mounted in 18 karat pink gold.  Pre-Auction Estimate $16,964 — $19,791 Lot Sold  $21,205




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