5 Highlights of Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

On April 7, Sotheby’s Hong Kong will be hosting their Magnificent Jewels And Jadeite Auction.   The early estimates look like sales of all of the pieces could reach close to $100 million.   A trio of necklaces appear to be getting all the early headlines.  However, our list focuses on the colour diamonds that will be featured in the auction.

1.  A unique Fancy Brown-Yellow Diamond Ring.   The stone weighs in at 49.31 carats and is set on an 18 karat pink gold ring.   Estimates are that the diamond will sell between $1.86 and $2.29 million in Canadian dollars.



2.  A cut-cornered square Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 16.72 carats with two shield-cut white diamonds on either side that total an additional 1.10 carats. It also has a mount set with circular cut diamonds mounted with platinum and 18 karat yellow gold. It is the only other colour diamond piece in the auction whose estimated value is set for over $1 million dollars Canadian. The estimates for this ring are set between $1.4 and $1.7 million.


3.  A Fancy Vivid Yellow cushion-cut diamond weighing in at 7.16 carats.   Like #2, it is flanked on either side by two shield-cut white diamonds that come in at a total of 1.10 carats.   Also, like #2,  it is mounted on a platinum and 18 karat yellow gold ring.   The estimates for this piece could be as high as $857,000 Canadian.



4.  The most valuable pink diamond in the auction.   The centrepiece is a 6.27 carat oval, light pink type IIa diamond and is surrounded by 12 white oval diamonds that total 4.70 carats.   The diamonds are mounted on a 18 karat white and pink gold ring.   Estimated value is between $614,000 and $685,000.



5.  One of the most underrated pieces in the auction, this ring features a centrepiece that is a cut-cornered rectangular Fancy Light Purplish Pink diamond weighing 3.43 carats.   The stone is flanked on either side by shield-cut white diamonds and then all three are surrounded by smaller circular cut diamonds and is mounted on platinum and 18 karat pink gold.   The ring’s estimated value is set at between $314,000 and 371,000 and could be the steal of the auction!


(photos courtesy of Sotheby’s)


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