JCK Magazine’s Colour Diamond Winners

For seven years, JCK Magazine has had a retailer-driven design competition called the Jewelers’ Choice Awards.   With categories ranging from Best Earring Design to Best Platinum Jewelry, it highlights the best in the world of jewelry.

We decided to focus in on the rather impressive winners from the three Colour Diamond categories.

1.  Colour Diamond Jewelry Under $2,500

Under 2500

18 karat hand-hammered gold rings featuring cognac diamonds with white diamond accents along the band.   The ring is from the family-owned, Los Angeles-based business Dorian & Rose.

2.  Colour Diamond Jewelry $2,501 – $10,000

2501 10000

An 18 karat gold ring featuring a free-form web with both yellow and white diamonds by the Los Angeles-based jewel company Parade.

3.  Colour Diamond Jewelry Over $10,000

over 10k

A handcrafted 18 karat yellow and white gold ring featuring a range of natural colour diamonds equalling 54.84 carats from Leibish & Co.

To see the winners from all of the other categories, click on this link.


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