The Top 5 Green Diamonds

The colour green is one of the rarest on the colour diamond spectrum and is the only one whose colour is caused by radiation.   The green colour is caused when a stone that has been bombarded with beta rays, gamma rays and neutrons over millions of years.   The more present of these external factors, the deeper the colour of green is within the stone.

1.  Dresden Green Diamond


The largest green diamond ever found on the planet is the Dresden Green, a 41 carat, type IIa flawless stone.  The diamond is named after the Saxony Capital in Germany and is assumed to have been found in the Kollur Mine of Indian in the early 1700s.

The first record of the pear-shaped, 41-carat green diamond is from 1725 when a London merchant sold the diamond to Frederick Augustus I in 1726 for £30,000. 40 years later, the stone was set into a large hat ornament surrounded by 413 other diamonds.   The famous stone remains in that same setting today.

2.  Gruosi Green Diamond


The Gruosi Green is of South African origin and is a 25-carat, cushion-cut green diamond.  Fawaz Gruosi, founder of the Swiss luxury jewel company, De Grisogono, first purchased the diamond in it’s 100 carat rough form in 1998.

75 per cent of the original stone was cut from the Gruosi and the diamond now has an even-toned green colour not seen on the more famous Dresden Green diamond.  In its current setting, the Gruosi Green diamond centres a gold ring surrounded by 382 small black diamonds that weigh in at a total of seven carats.

3.  Ocean Dream Diamond


The first blue-green diamond ever recovered, the Ocean Dream diamond is a 5.51-carat shield-shaped stone.   Few details are known about its origin, it was found in Central Africa and the diamond’s current owner is the New York based-Cora Diamond Corporation.

The Ocean Dream diamond was part of the famous Splendor of Diamonds Exhibition put on by the Smithsonian in 2005.   The collection also featured the famous diamonds The Pink Star, The Heart Of Eternity and The De Beers Millenium Star.

4.   The Orlov


Considered blueish-green, The Orlov Diamond weighs in at 189.62 carats and has a shaped described as “half a chicken egg”.   Like the Dresden Green diamond, the Orlov was recovered from the Kollur Mine in India.   The date Orlov was actually found can no longer be confirmed, however, some records indicate that it was used as the eye of presiding deity in a second century Sri Ranganathaswamy Hindu Temple in India.

The diamond was stolen in the mid-17th century and ended up finding its way to Count Grigorievich Orlov of Russia.   His plan was to use this diamond to win back the affections of Catherine The Great.   Catherine did accept the stone and named it in the honour of Orlov.  The stone is now the centrepiece of the Imperial Sceptre, part of the collection of the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin.

5.  The Ocean Paradise Diamond


Considered the cousin of the Ocean Dream Diamond, the Ocean Paradise Diamond is considered only the second blue-green diamond ever recovered.

The smallest stone on our list, the oval-cut Ocean Paradise Diamond weighs in at just 1.6 carats.   The diamond was found in 2012 in the famed diamond region of Brazil called Diamantinia, Minas Gerais.


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