Top 10 Super Bowl Rings

With absolutely no football bias whatsoever, our diamond experts were asked to pick their 10 favourite Super Bowl rings .    After a much heated debate, here is the that list.

Top 10 Super Bowl RIngs

1. 2001 – Super Bowl XXXVI – New England Patriots



A diamond-filled ring with the Patriots logo front and centre on top of the Vince Lombardi trophy.   This  eye-catching piece of jewelry made everyone’s list and was easily our favourite.

2.  2006 – Super Bowl XLI – Indianapolis Colts



We enjoyed the simplicity of the Indianapolis  Colts’ ring.   The logo surrounded by diamonds like stars with the words Super Bowl XLI Champions on the face.

3.  1998 – Super Bowl XXXIII – Denver Broncos



The Broncos logo with the simple words “World Champions”.   We liked the added touch of the name Broncos quarterback John Elway on the side of the ring.   This game would end up being his last as he retired before the next season.

4.  1986 – Super Bowl XXI – New York Giants



A diamond-filled Lombardi Trophy with the words “Giants World Champions” and “1986” surrounding it.   It is one of the least busy looking of the rings, we liked how dramatic it made the trophy in the centre of the ring look.

5.  2009 – Super Bowl XLIV – New Orleans Saints



As bright and vibrant as the city itself, the New Orleans Saints’ championship ring is filled with diamonds and stones so it is eye-catching from every angle.

6.  1983 – Super Bowl XVIII – Los Angeles Raiders



A vast rectangular spectacle, the ring has three stones on the face to represent the three Super Bowl championships that had been won by the franchise.

7.  1971 – Super Bowl VI – Dallas Cowboys



The first of three Dallas Cowboys rings on our list, this first one is also the oldest ring on our list.   It had the perfect combination of old school style and new school shine.

8.  1995 – Super Bowl XXX – Dallas Cowboys



In some ways, this Dallas Cowboys’ ring harkens back to the team’s 1971 ring.   The distinctive logo on the face is similar, the wording is even more simple with just the franchise name on it.

9.1992 – Super Bowl XXVII – Dallas Cowboys


The only ring on our list with the wording on the side of the face and an “all seeing eye” type of look to the logo on the front.

10.  1982 – Super Bowl XVII – Washington Redskins


Of the rings on the list, this has the smallest writing on the face but it doesn’t take away from the blinding, football-shaped centre.


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