Christie’s Top 10 Jewels of 2013

Famed auction house Christie’s has released their top 10 jewels sold at auction in 2013.   The top 2 are colour diamonds but the other eight aren’t too bad at all!   What do you think?

1.  The Princie Diamond

#1 Princie

This pink beauty set a record for Christie for most expensive diamond they have ever sold at auction.   It is a fancy intense pink Golconda diamond weighing in at 34.65 carats.

2.  The Orange

The Orange

We blogged about this 14.82 carat, pear-shaped, fancy vivid orange diamond twice in November.   It sold for $35.5 million at Christie’s Geneva auction in November, setting a record for most ever paid for an orange diamond at auction and the largest per-carat-price for a diamond at auction ever.

3.  Winston Legacy

#3 Winston Legacy

Billed by Christie’s as the “perfect diamond”, the Winston Legacy is a 101.73-carat pear-shaped D-color flawless diamond.   It was purchased by famed jeweller Harry Winston in May for $26.7 million.

4.  The Star Of China


Considered the world’s largest and most perfect briolette diamond, it was purchased by Tiffany Chen, vice chairman of China Star Entertainment Ltd.   The purchase price for the 75.36 carat stone was 11.2 million, a world auction record for a briolette diamond.

5.  A 52.58 Carat Golconda Diamond


Golconda diamonds from India have always had the type of transparency rarely ever seen with white/colourless diamonds.   This rare 52.58-carat, D-color, internally flawless Golconda diamond sold for $10.9 million in December of last year.

6.   The Patiño Emerald And Diamond Necklace


Made by Cartier in 1937, it was purchased a year later by tin magnet Simón Itturi Patiño as a gift for his wife.   In November of last year, the necklace was sold to a private buyer for $9.9 million at Christie’s auction in Geneva.

7. A seven-strand natural pearl and diamond necklace.


Part of Christie’s Geneva auction in November, this seven-strand natural pear and diamond necklace was Purchased by a private collector for $9 million.

8. A single-strand natural pearl necklace


This necklace set a world auction record for a single-strand natural pearl necklace at $8.5 million.   The 23 pearls on the necklace measure between 10.4 to 13.7 millimetres.

9. A circular-cut D-color flawless diamond necklace.


The necklace (located on the left) is made up of 52 stones weighing in at a total of 104.84 carats.   It sold for $8.1 million at Christie’s Hong Kong in November.

10. A Burmese Ruby And Diamond Necklace


This Burmese ruby and diamond necklace was purchased by a private buyer for $6.4 million at Christie’s Hong Kong in November, a world auction record for a ruby necklace.


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