Bracing For The “Lesotho Pink Storm”


A storm has entered the diamond world as a Type IIa 36.06 carat pink stone called the “Lesotho Pink Storm” is set to be tendered by Fusion/Hennig Tenders later this month.

The stone is considered to have “exquisite gemological characteristics” and was recovered by Storm Mountain Diamonds in the Kao Mine in the Kingdom of Lesotho, the African country surrounded by South Africa.

Lesotho made a big splash in the diamond world in 1967 when the Lesotho Brown Diamond was discovered in the Letsang Diamond Mine.   The stone weighed in at 601 carats  in its rough form and a total of 18  diamonds were produced from it.   The most famous of the diamonds was the Lesotho III, given to Jackie Kennedy by her husband Aristotle Onassis.

The Lesotho Pink Storm is currently available to be viewed in New York City before making its way to Antwerp, Belgium for further viewing until finally being tendered.

Fusion Tenders CEO Adam Schulman said that “We are thrilled to have the privilege of tendering this truly rare and exceptional stone. It is not often that a rare diamond of such significant size, color and quality are found together in the one stone. This is a unique opportunity for someone to own a very special diamond.”

Considering the size and rarity of the diamond, experts here at Ouroboro Diamonds are sure it will easily sell for over a million dollars, with a possible price tag closer to ten million dollars depending on the amount of interest at the tender.


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