Large Diamond Find in Angola

Courtesy of Lucapa Diamonds

Courtesy of Lucapa Diamonds

Australian-based Lucapa Diamond Company has announced the finding of a 32.2 carat, type IIa rough diamond from their Lulo concession in Angola.

According to Lucapa’s official announcement, the stone has an irregular, dodecahedral and is of exceptional colour (rated D-the highest for white diamonds) and clarity.   It has yet to be determined if the diamond clarity will be rated flawless.

Trading of shares in the company were halted in the Australian Securities Exchange on Friday January 3rd after the announcement was first made.   Share trading re-opened for the company on Monday January 6.

Lucapa has spent four years of exploration in the the Cuango River Basin of Angola’s Lunda Norte Province.   Last week’s stone is the largest recovered by Lucapa through the new Dense Media Separation plant which they commissioned in November 2013.   It is also the fourth largest diamond ever recovered at that location to date.


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