Diamonds In Antarctica?


Geologists have found Kimberlite rock within the mountains of Antarctica meaning that the frozen continent could be a new source of diamonds in the future.

Australian geologist Dr. Greg Yaxley and his team found three samples of Kimberlite in the slopes of Mount Meredith in the northern Prince Charles Mountains of East Antarctica.

Kimberlite, named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, is a type of rock in which occasionally diamonds are found.   The rock occurs under the earth’s surface in carrot-shaped formations called Kimberlite pipes and are the main source of diamonds found on the planet.

Do not expect any immediate results from this find as the Protocol on Environmental Protection To The Antarctic Treaty Of 1998 dictates that mining on the continent for commercial purposes can not take place.    This part of the Antarctic Treaty System will be up for review once again in 2041.

Even if this Treaty was not in place, considering Antarctica is 98% covered in ice, mining for diamonds would be a slow, cold and somewhat dangerous.   But who knows what technology will be available once commercial enterprises are allowed to mine for the valuable stone.

Who wants to line up to be the first person with a diamond from Antarctica?


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