Golcondo Diamond Sale Highlights Christie’s Auction In NYC

A 52-carat Golconda diamond stole the show at Christie’s final auction of the year Tuesday in New York City.   The rectangular-shaped internally flawless diamond sold for $10.9 million to a private collector.

Diamonds from the ancient Golconda mines of India have been highly sought both for their outstanding colour (the one sold on Tuesday is rated D, the highest possible for a colourless diamond) and for the history.  Prior to the 1700s, the Golconda mines were thought to be the only ones in the world where diamonds could be found.   The famous stones the Hope Diamond and the Koh-I-Noor Diamond are assumed to be from these mines as well.

Some beautiful colour diamonds also went under the gavel at Tuesday’s auction.   The highlight was a modified oval-cut fancy brown-yellow stone (pictured below) weighing just over 35 carats.   It was sold to a private collector for $749,000.   Certainly not the high dollars the industry saw for The Pink Star and The Orange  earlier this year, but colour diamonds continue to garner big numbers at auction.



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