The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

Diamond wreath

Finnish Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter joined forces with London-based jeweller 77 Diamonds to create the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath.

Available to consumers through the luxury item website, the 60-centimetre wreath is covered with 32 diamonds and 16 rubies, all adding up to more than 138 carats.   Highlights among these stones include a 3.03 carat Fancy Yellow diamond and a Vivid Red 17.49 carat ruby.

Aside from all the gems, the wreath features Laurus, Lingonberry and Blueberry stems from Jokinen-Carter’s country house in Finland.   The live greenery in the decoration is expected to last for 12 days.

After the Christmas season, 77 Diamonds can attach the gems to another piece of jewellery or they can just remove them and you can have them to add to a new wreath in Christmas 2014.

The cost for this decoration is $5.2 million in Canadian dollars.   Of that cost, $1,745 would be donated to the charity foundation The Prince’s Trust.   So what are your thoughts?   Beautiful Showpiece or Tacky Decoration?


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