A $20 Million Diamond

The Orange

This month’s Christie’s Geneva “Magnificent Jewel” auction will feature “The Orange”, a natural colour diamond that could realize a $20 million selling point.

The stone is a 14.82 carat, Fancy Vivid Orange, pear shaped diamond that industry insiders consider one of the rarest diamonds ever available for sale on the market.   This diamond, referred to as “The Orange,” was mined in South Africa 30 years ago.

“Orange natural colour diamonds are one of nature’s mysteries, as scientists are still trying to determine how they originate,” said Jeff Kushner, President of Ouroboro Diamonds.

“It is presumed that Orange diamonds get their hue due to exposure to nitrogen while they were being formed beneath the Earth’s surface.   This uncertainty has only increased the allure and desire to own a diamond with this vibrant colour.”

According to Christie’s, this diamond is the largest of it’s kind ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).    On average, these types of gems are between three and four carats.   The previous record for Orange diamonds sold at auction was a stone that was less than six carats.

The winner of the stone will receive a supplemental letter from the Gemological Institute of America indicating that it is, “the largest Fancy Vivid Orange, natural colour diamond graded as of the date of the report issued.”

The auction is set to take place on November 12, 2013.   If you are still on the fence about whether to make a bid on this diamond, keep in mind that you need to give Christie’s at least 24 hours notice if you plan on being a perspective bidder.


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